5 Infamous Failed Redesigns

Somewhere there is a graphic designer who is reading the title of this post and silently praying to themselves, “Please don’t let it be me.” Still, the truth must be told: Some redesigns were epic failures. You can imagine the scenario: Some new executive who wants to “shake things up” calls in a creative team. Instead… Read more about 5 Infamous Failed Redesigns

Google Gets a New Logo

Google shocked everyone with a recent announcement of their parent company called Alphabet. And now Google has one more news for you, the search giant has a new Logo Design. Yes that’s correct just after a month announcing they had a new parent company, Google has unveiled a new, more playful logo. Since July, Google… Read more about Google Gets a New Logo

20+ Inspirational Logo Designs with Symbols

Nothing defines a business brand identity as effectively as a logo. If you have a creative, inspirational logo design for your business or say company then you completed the first step being successful in your business. Yes you heard that absolutely right, only a successful logo design can make a business successful. What I mean… Read more about 20+ Inspirational Logo Designs with Symbols

Typography Only Logo Designs for your Inspiration

We all know that Typography plays an important role in any kind of Media. And so is true in Logo Designing. Now designers don’t need any graphics or shapes, except a bunch of awesome fonts, to create a creative Logo Design. We all know that Logo Design is very vital for any Organisation or Company, because Logo is the… Read more about Typography Only Logo Designs for your Inspiration