20+ Inspirational Logo Designs with Symbols

Nothing defines a business brand identity as effectively as a logo. If you have a creative, inspirational logo design for your business or say company then you completed the first step being successful in your business. Yes you heard that absolutely right, only a successful logo design can make a business successful. What I mean with successful logo design is that you must have a logo that can clearly communicate with your target audience and customers. Your target customers must grasp about your company or business after looking at the Logo of your brand.

Let me tell you how, if you have inspirational logo designs maybe with symbols that is remember able, understandable, minimalistic and yes the important one informative then people will become more aware of your brand or company and your products are going to sell in the market like a heavy rain on the road (Just Kidding).

It really does matter if you are a small business you need to have a perfect logo design to stand out from the crowd. And we have made that process a little bit easy for you by showcasing 20+ inspirational logo designs with symbols here at Web Designer Pad.

Graphic River has a massive collection of inspirational logo designs. You better check them out. So here’s the showcase of 20+ inspirational logo designs for your inspiration. Take a look at them, and please do tell us which one you liked the most.


Infinity is a modern logo that can be a fit for many corporations and businesses. This logo design is based on a infinity symbol. This Logo design with symbol is a 100% vector and completely editable EPS file that comes with the purchased package. Infinity is a three color logo that is a good fir for mostly any corporate business.


Mobila is a one of the logo designs with symbols that is suitable for Mobiles and Telecoms, Apps, Tech, Websites as well as Social networks. This logo design is vector based and it will not lose its quality on resizing. Font used for this vector logo design is Myriad Pro.


Good Phone or just a Phone is a good fit for mobile phones that can be used by blogs or companies related to mobiles. GoodPhone logo uses Aller font from FontSquirrel.

Love bird

Love bird logo design is a simple yet creative heart-shaped graphic that represents a flying bird. This logo, according to its designer, represents understanding, affection, friendship,social hub, sympathy, community, loving, freedom, relationship, care, free-bird. It is going to be a best fit for friendship, love quotes, social media, gift items, blogs and greeting cards related businesses and websites.

Bus Travel

This bus travel logo is a perfect fit and great for tours & travel business. Bus Travel logo design includes a bus symbol that is simply merged into a circle.

Bright Ideas

Creative idea behind Bright Ideas Logo design of mixing up a light bulb with a human silhouette in negative space. Flat versions of the Logo are also included for print.


Stylish Magnifying logo template with a magnifier symbol. This Logo is a 100% vector that comes along with different colors such as blue, purple, green, black & white, etc.

Talking metrics

Talking Merrics is a best logo for an internet marketer or related a business. This logo is ideal for the one who deals with statistics and analytics.

Speed Logo

Speedy Logo is a perfect fit for car tuning, motor-sport and garages, this logo is bursting with energy.

Endless infinity

Endless infinity is an excellent logo template that is suitable for administrative, management, law, social or human related businesses and companies.

Media Play

An awesome logo template that is suitable for any kind of Multimedia or Entertainment business or company.


Creative and smart logo that’s merged between bulb and a fire symbol. This logo design is suitable for any creative industries such as, agencies, photography, graphic design studio, digital, media, entertainment, etc.


Webdev is a premium logo design template that has creative use of letter ‘w’ as an icon. This logo is suitable for any business/company that is related to media, art, technology etc.

Best Player

Best Player is a suitable logo design template for any music player company, apps.


A simple and an effective Logo that can be used for the photography related business or company. The symbol is a visualization of photographic camera aperture blades.

Camera Pixels

The Camera Pixels logo design with symbol is merged with a letter ‘C’ and a camera shutter with lens. This creative logo can be used for any kind of project.

Power Connect

Beautiful appearance of two arcs making together and aesthetic looking logo design. This logo uses Sansation Light font.

Wealth wise

Simple yet strong wisdom & finance logo design. This logo design template is perfect for application icons, financial advice consultants and/or investment companies.


Healthy Life logo design template is a perfect fit for health related products, business or companies.


Beautifully crafted arrow that goes upwards diagonally. The colors used in this logo design template gives it a fresh look.


Infinicolors Logo is a colorful yet simple logo, that shows a symbol of infinity colors, perfect for any kind of business/companies and agencies.


Perfect logo design for game developers, app icons, etc.


Logo design with symbols including stylized water waves and a circle.


Icestorm is an awesome looking icy crystal logo design that is perfect for the app icons, start-ups branding and/or corporate identity use.

Let me wrap it up

So if you really liked and purchased one of the logo design template for your business please do share it with your partners or friends. Also please tell us what do you think about the showcase or a particular logo design. Thanks!

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