Welcome to the very first Photoshop tutorial of Web Designer Pad. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to recreate a Micromax Logo in just 11 steps. Yeah you read that right, just 11 steps to create Micromax Logo in Photoshop CS6. So follow me along as I start creating recreating Logo of a popular and well known brand Micromax. I know that they already have and awesome and creative logo but I am just trying to make it better. By the way check out our other posts featuring best of the Photoshop tutorials including Photoshop text effects. You can also check out the dazzling Photoshop text effect tutorials and learn how to create those kind of Photoshop effects. Let’s jump in.

What will be the final product?


In this post I am sharing a beautiful tutorial on how to create a Micromax Logo (redesigned a little bit by me). Micromax is an Indian brand present in fourteen countries including Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Brazil, Nepal and Hong Kong. Micromax already has a nice logo, but I’ve just made it little bit creative. And today I am going to share with you that how I created this Micromax logo in Photoshop CS6. So let’s get on the tutorial.

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop with dimensions 700 by 500 in pixels as shown in following figure. The background must be white (in my case its default). Then move to step 2.

Step 2

Select Pen tool from the tools in the left pane and draw a wireframe (or you can say skeleton) of three bended fingers as shown in the figure using the pen tool which is an awesome tool for drawing elements in Photoshop CS6. Then move to step 3.

Step 3

Then in this step create fourth bended finger’s wireframe as shown in the figure below using the same pen tool. Then move to step 4.

Step 4

In fourth step create a wireframe of thumb which looks like a small potato too, again using pen tool.

Step 5

In step 5 create an awesome fist shape according to the fingers you created in above steps again using pen tool. Then move to step 6.

Step 6

Then in this step coloring of the elements starts. Firstly start with the fingers. Fill in white color inside all fingers including the thumb. And move to step 7.

Step 7

In Photoshop CS6 the positions of layer style options have some changes like stroke came upwards and drop shadow to downwards as compared to Photoshop CS3. Check the bevel and emboss option with the settings shown in following figure. Then check gradient overlay and drop shadow options and move to next step.

Step 8

In this step configure the drop shadow option as shown in below figure.

Step 9

In the ninth step configure the gradient colors in gradient editor as shown below.

Step 10

Now we’re done with the fist and let’s proceed to remaining design. Type the word “cromax”, after the fist you just designed, using text properties as shown in below figure. I’ve used the “Dimitri Swank” font for this purpose. Then proceed to next step.

Step 11

In this step write the tagline of Micromax which is “nothing like anything” using following text properties and align it with above text (i.e. “cromax”).


So you’ve just created an awesome looking Micromax logo in Photoshop very easily in just 11 steps. If you liked this post then why not share it. Thank you for reading and stay connected. See ya!

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