You might have noticed that business and the web have joined forces. More than that, they are THE COUPLE of the century. You just can’t get one without the other. Hence why your business must have a website if you want to see any startup success. What’s more, you need to consider a social media presence to spread your message.

But, you know all this already. At least, you should. If not, there are plenty of resources out there which can teach you about it. What you might know less about are the untapped wonders which often fall under the radar. In truth, the internet can help you with much more than merely appealing to customers. Bear in mind that this marriage changes daily as business and web fall ever more in love. But, as it stands, these three untapped wonders could give your startup the edge it needs to get off the ground.

Online banks

No matter your attempts, it’s unlikely that you can make this thing work without money. Yet, a trip to the bank often ends in disappointment. It may be that they refuse to lend, or that the repayments are too high for you to meet. Either way, leaving without a loan is a common occurrence for first-time entrepreneurs. But, the internet can help you here like any good partner. There are web based banks which offer online small business loans. These often have better rates because there are lower overheads involved. On top of which, the application is usually much more straightforward, and you can do it at home of an evening. Forget taking time out in the day to meet with a physical bank. Head online and see what the internet can do for you.

Unfettered access to competitors

Before the internet, the best chance you had of spying on competitors was heading into the lion’s pit. It certainly wasn’t unusual for entrepreneurs to send staff on research missions. Often, any information from such outings was limited. After all, such staff members would have needed to show discretion. Now, you can keep an eye on competitors until your heart’s content. All you need to do is head to their website. Here, you can see upcoming products, price ranges, and much more. You can even print the information if you want to. Never have companies had such broad access to what competitors are doing. All the better for beating them with!

Knowledge of developments

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One of the primary privileges of the internet is the knowledge it provides. Better than most libraries, an internet search can lead to any information you want. And, this can come in handy for your business, too. By doing regular research into your field, you can keep an eye on any advancements taking place. You can even sign up for notifications on relevant news sites. This way, you can alter and enhance products before developments become common knowledge. It doesn’t get much better than that for staying ahead of the game.

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