Did you ever visit a website that was too hard to navigate, had numerous Pop-ups, and external links? If yes, then you are not alone. All these problems come under user interface, which is an important aspect of website design and development.

In general, UI focuses on the user’s experience and ease of interaction when he/she visits a website or application. If your website is easy to use, visitors like to hang around it at all the times and take a great interest in its offering. On the other hand, if your site is not user-friendly, then visitors start to flee away sooner than later.

When you operate a WordPress site and expect it to perform very well, you need to improve its UI. Here is a list of useful tips using which you can easily enhance UI design of your website and attract more visitors:

1. Make Your Website Faster

As everything going super-fast in the life of tech-savvy people, users get frustrated when a website takes time to load. Modern Internet users don’t have the patience to wait for a site to load on devices. They may abandon it at once and move to another similar option immediately.

A dissatisfied user never comes back to your website. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you should make your website faster. If it happens, a large number of visitors love to land on your site, read its content, and take a great interest in your offerings.

2. Keep Your Website Design Simple And Appealing

Always keep in mind that all visitors that land on your site on not well-acquainted with complex technical terms. They may be college going students, common individuals, etc. So, to enhance the usability of your website, you must keep its design as simple as you can. Make sure that your site design includes a good color combination, layouts, images, photos, etc. All these features will help even a tech noob to use your site easily. A complex website design structure may repel visitors away from your site.

3. Perfect Color Combination

A UI designer must pick an appropriate color combination while designing/redesigning a WordPress site and make it appealing for visitors. It will be a wise to use contrast colors throughout the site as it allows visitors to use the website without straining their eyes. One must always keep in mind that color impressions play an important role in the acceptance or rejection of 60% of all websites.

4. Quick Registration

Most of the visitors don’t like to fill long and complicated registration forms to sign-up newsletters, buy products and services, make comments, register a complaint, etc. There are several users who prioritize the privacy of their sensitive information and hesitate to share it with service providers. Therefore, you should keep the registration form simple and easy. Make sure visitors need to fill only a few information to complete the registration process.

5. Hassle-Free Navigation

In order to make websites appealing for visitors, most of the web designers play around with the classic layout. They keep the navigational elements on the top of a site, search bar on the upper right, etc. Nevertheless, one must place all these elements on the left side of the website, allowing visitors to navigate the site easily and quickly. In order to facilitate easy navigation on your site, you can make use of Breadcrumb navigation.

6. Mobile Optimization

Due to the increasing use of various mobile devices, it is mandatory in today’s digital market that your website is responsive to mobile devices, tablets, phablets, etc. If you ignore this aspect, visitor browsing your site through mobile devices will have an unpleasant experience. Even Google, the world’s prominent search engine, doesn’t prefer unresponsive websites when it has to show results to users against the entered keywords.

A responsive website is displayed up in search engine results. So, it is likely to attract more visitors from small screens and offer them a pleasant browsing experience without facing any trouble.

7. Make Your Content Stand Out

The usability of a website is largely dependent on the quality of content and its presentation technique. Today’s visitors that land on your site, are not interested to go through plain(sometimes boring too) text content. So, you need to glamorize the content to attract visitors. You can take the following steps to beautify your content-

  • Use an appropriate font for the site content. It will help visitors to read the content easily.
  • Try to trim the content length as far as possible. If you publish long content on your site, break it into different chunks and add relevant videos, audios, titles, subtitles, links, etc to make them interesting for visitors.
  • Show the related content in accordance with the current entry of visitors. For this, you can use WordPress plugins

8. Demonstrate Social Media Icons Prominently

This is the age of social media wherein tech-savvy people like to be notified on different social media channels for the consumption of new content, products, and services. So, you should display all the social icon clearly on your site, probably at the header or sidebar. It helps users to get connected with your brand and visit the site frequently, providing you numerous business opportunities.

9. Ratings And Reviews

Web visitors always look for options to review a website on a number of matters like the quality of products/services, content presentation, interaction with the site admin, etc. All these help you to find possible errors in your site and eradicate them as soon as possible. Therefore, you must allow visitors to review your site impartially.

Final Words:

UI can make or mar a website. So, if you want to have a swift and functional site & visitors to use it frequently, just implement the above-mentioned tips.

Author Bio:

Brandon Graves is proficient WordPress developer employed with HireWPGeeks. He likes to write on wordpress customization, conversion services like psd to wordpress, UI design, SEO etc. Follow him on Twitter to get more updates.

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