More than 50 million websites rely on Google Analytics for tracking and measuring metrics that are crucial to improve your website in ways possible. However, it doesn’t give you all the information you might need to make that crucial decision about your business or website.

Google Analytics gives you information on the “What,” like exit pages, session length, bounce rates, traffic source, and so on. It fails you when it comes to the “Whys,” which most people are eager to understand. You would be more interested to learn why someone left your web page after a while, or abandoned the order just before going ahead with the last step.

Know your customers inside out

The best way to improve yourself or your business is to ask for feedback and learn from it. You’ll be surprised to find their genuine replies that can be an eye-opener to your business. It’s recommended that you ask your audience or online customers the reason for abandoning a page with exit surveys, or any real-time opportunities to get their opinions.
It might be easy when you have face-to-face interaction with someone to get their opinions. You might not be able to do the same online; technology is a great boon to mankind with its ingenious tools, like Qualaroo. These onsite real-time surveys come in handy to ask the right question at the right moment. Voila! This is the first step toward building your business stronger with your customers’ opinion.

Understand the pulse of your audience with heat maps

The next best thing is to learn how visitors interact with every page on your website. Visual representations can provide tons of useful information, like user clicks, scrolling, and much more. It’s suggested that you check online platforms, like SEOgirlspowa which provides useful SEO information to improve the way your website works.
Heat maps, like Crazy Egg or any simple heat maps, helps you understand what the users do and what they don’t. Furthermore, it enables you to learn more about links, contents, forms in your website that either attracts less audience or none at all. You can improvise or eliminate these totally ignored data. You might be able to focus better on things that really matter to your audience and give them what they want.

Hiccups of Google Analytics

You might have noticed that each individual has their own shortcomings and failures; similarly, Google Analytics has its short comings. SEOgirlspowa and other websites come in handy to improve these shortcomings and help you get more traffic.
Google Analytics is unarguably a great platform to track users for a single session; however, when it comes to multiple visits, it might not be that great.
The users’ tracking cookies are used by Google Analytics to learn more about the whereabouts of a session.
Google Analytics runs into all kinds of problems when the tracking cookies are deleted frequently. When users delete these cookies and visit your site, they will be recorded as a new user by Google Analytics. You can avoid this confusion by configuring Google Analytics with a unique user IDs for every visitor.

Watch over your visitors’ shoulder

You might wish to get a glimpse of how your visitors browse your site; however, it seems more unrealistic to look at how each user engages on your site. Tools, like Clicktale or Jaco can record each session just the way the user experiences it, and you can replay them in leisure. You’ll be able to find where your users get confused or misled, and work toward improving upon those defective areas.
Oftentimes, you’re used to watching the web page from your eyes and might forget to perceive how your website, product, and service are viewed by users and customers. You can bridge this gap between you and the buyers by looking from their perspective and make your website better for them. You’ll get answers to the “why” rather than the “what” which Google Analytics provides you.
Most SEO tools come in handy to improve the way your website works, but not all tools are flawless. Making the most of available tools; few could do with some tweaks, while others aren’t worth a penny. Choose tools that can improve your web page in more ways than one with less investment and more benefits.

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