Billions and trillions of bytes have been spent on trying to explain SEO over the years of internet evolution. However, the concept of SEO remains strangely vague, and unexplainable as ever! It is an organic process, much like the feeling of working on an open source protocol, where evolution is the only keyword that matters. ‘Organic’ in SEO essentially refers to the natural participation of everyone using it. The internet is probably the most comprehensive synonym of total human consciousness, in an unending self-learning mode.

A very basic idea

It all starts with understanding the fundamental concept of SEO. Once you get a basic idea, the rest follows. All the bits and bytes that go into making the web, the images, websites, texts, videos, and all other type of digital information, is in the process of constant scanning by search engines to decode the essence of best quality. Searching protocols such as Google and Bing employ automated software bots or scanners that constantly process online data (a few million scans every minute) by a set of flexible principles called algorithm. However, although flexible, yet any deviation from the defined algorithm results in a loss of relative rank of the website, over time.

Webmasters must be able to interpret the nuances of how this scanning works and do best to be compatible for a positive rank. This total thing is called SEO, and it is also an essential self-learning process. There are diverse technical aspects and specializations associated. The following tips may be helpful to understand how to become an SEO expert eventually. There is no shortcut as one must allow the time with dedicated sincerity in decoding this great digital mystery.

Choose your specialization

As search engine optimization is a vast field, one must start with selecting a particular area to specialize. Some of the most vital avenues of learning include content writing, digital graphics, animations, and website design. Other critical areas of SEO exclusivity include back links creation, social media management, copywriting, guest blog promotions, bookmarking, analytics, and project management.

The Pay Per Click models of online promotion also presents a completely separate set of unique challenges that you must decide to succeed. Unless you have a few years of experience already, invest sufficient time in exploring the significance of above options. Decide which one is best for you.

Allow constant improvement

If any two words can define SEO for the learner, then they should be ‘dynamic’ and ‘organic’. It is dynamic because it is constantly evolving, trying to be more accurate and fast in processing all the information passing through. It is a huge task as you must understand the huge volume of Big Data transiting through the net by a perspective of patters. An SEO expert should be very keen on using diverse analytic tools and common sense to understand trends on a long-term basis. (The organic aspect has been explained in the first section here.)

If you really want to know how to become an SEO expert, devote sufficient time to reading articles like this one and trying out the tips in practice. Eventually, you automatically find a direction for self-learning. That is how this thing goes.

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