Free Profitable & Long Tail Keywords Generator Tool: Keyword XP Pro Review

Let me ask you an important question real quick. Are you fed up with trying to rank keywords? Or maybe you are ranking and just not making any money. The problem is that if you are not ranking long-tail buyer keywords you will not get the traffic or cash you want. Keyword research has become a most trending topic in 2015 especially Long-tail keywords. There are tons of articles on the internet about what a keyword research is and how to do a keyword research and what are the different keyword research tools available in the market? But today in this article we’ll cover Keyword XP Pro which is a fastest keyword analysis tool that helps in finding most profitable, long-tail keywords and generate buyer keyword ideas. Keyword XP Pro comes with a Free 10 day trial which you can access here.

Now let’s get started with what is Keyword XP Pro software in the first place and then we’ll move on to its features and pricing. Wait! if you don’t wanna know a secret offer on Keyword XP Pro? Don’t Click here.

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What exactly is Keyword XP Pro?

Keyword XP Pro is a fastest keyword analysis & research tool. This simple to use yet powerful tool can find hidden gold dust of keyword ideas and give you a profitable keyword list instantly. Keyword XP Pro is created by Paul who has worked as a Chief Technology Officer for the past 20 years and worked with many startups engineering their products to success. In the last few years Paul has worked exclusively in SEO and more recently content curation. You can find more about paul here.

How does Keyword XP Pro works?

This below video will walk you through the complete Keyword XP Pro software and its features. Keyword XP Pro gives you SEO keyword suggestions along with killer headlines so just go through this video and get your hands dirty on this tool.

Don’t Find Long Tail Keywords with Keyword XP Pro?

Yes you read that right don’t just find the long tail keywords with Keyword XP Pro but instead find the long tail buyer keywords. If done right ranking long tail keywords on page 1 is not that hard. But that alone is not enough. Because even though you may be getting traffic the truth is if it’s not buyer traffic and it will never convert. You’ll just end up wasting your time finding search volumes of keywords and creating content around that.

What this long tail keyword generator has to offer?

Keyword XP Pro is the keyword research software that has almost all of the tools you need in your one dream application.

Check what Keyword XP Pro brings to the table…

  • helps you find available domains and even create branded domain names for you
  • provides you with more than 800 variations of a seed keyword
  • shows cost per click [CPC] and advertiser competition
  • finds backlinking opportunities to rank faster in SERPS
  • show types of questions that people are searching for
  • detailed competitor analysis
  • viral blog title generator
  • related questions expansion
  • trend reportin
  • and much more…

Below is the comparison chart between features of Keyword XP standard and Keyword XP Pro versions.

Keyword XP Pro Features

Find more features of Keyword XP pro here.

Just the power of having the viral title generator and long tail finder would make Keyword XP Pro an incredible tool. But Paul and his team have gone all the way to make this keyword research beast the best traffic getting software on the market.

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How much does this tool cost?

The below screenshot has a detail pricing of Keyword XP Pro. You can check Keyword XP pricing here. You can download Keyword XP standard version for $37, Keyword XP Pro version for $47 and if you want to upgrade it will cost you $37 which all are a one time fees. Do you want to save $100 on Keyword XP Pro Lifetime Licence? Click this private link now!

Keyword XP Standard, Keyword XP Pro and Keyword XP Upgrade Pricing


So now that we have understood what Keyword XP Pro is, how it can benefit you generate targeted traffic I’d like to hear from you, what are your experiences with Keyword XP Pro and what are your results? I hope you loved this profitable and long tail keywords generator tool now it’s your turn, go make some money.

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