Top Seven JavaScript Resources for Developers

JavaScript really helped developers add some interactivity to the websites. As browsers and server-side platforms evolves, and libraries new and previous grow and mature, JavaScript evolves similarly. Staying at the highest of your game is very important. As a JavaScript developer, you may have to be compelled to keep up with the latest news and learn new skills. We’ve place along a list of top seven JavaScript resources for developers to save their time and energy. Whether or not you’re a beginner or a expert professional, we predict you will find the sites given below informative as well as useful.

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1. Crockford

Douglas Crockford is the father of JavaScript. He didn’t created the JavaScript language but he did manage to sift through the bad parts and evangelise the best that the language has to offer. His popular book, JavaScript: The Good Parts, to this day, is required reading for all JavaScript developers. There’s no better person to learn from.

2. Appendto

Appendto provides interactive learning to their visitors. It is a very good option for JavaScript Beginners. Appendto provides tutorials & courses from basic to advance level.

3.Mozilla developer

The MDN has become the real resource for JavaScript documentation & is an excellent resource for the beginners and expert developers alike. At MDN you’ll find the official & complete JavaScript reference.

What better way to understand the thinking behind jQuery than to read and learn from its creator? Though John isn’t nearly as involved in the library’s development as he once was, he’s a master of his craft, and you should soak up every word he writes – including his latest book which is entitled Secrets of the JavaScript Master.

5.Nicholas Zakas’ Blog

Few JavaScript developers have the ability to be the relative masters of their crafts, while at the same time possessing the vocabulary to explain complicated techniques and so that everyone can understand. Even the beginners in this industry. Nicholas Zakas is one of these people. Though he doesn’t blog every day, when he does post a new article, you can be certain that you’ll learn something new.

6. Professional JavaScript Developer’s Guide by Tuts+ Premium

For a minimal amount per month, you get access to Tuts+ Premium’s countless courses and eBooks. Become a Professional JavaScript Developer provides a path to modern JavaScript development, with a selection of jQuery-specific courses.

7.CodeSchool’s JavaScript Path

Another popular subscription service, CodeSchool, offers a considerably smaller JavaScript catalogue than Tuts+ Premium, however CodeSchool makes up for it with their unique online coding challenges. Presented by top-notch developers, each course is split into a handful of chapters, each containing a ten minute video and coding quiz.

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