Single page websites or web page designs are popular and trendy these days. People are loving these kind of sites because of their simplicity and attractiveness. If you ask me about single web page designs, obviously I’ll say that I am also one of the people who loves single web page designs. You should keep one thing in mind that the single page web design is not perfect for each and every purpose; there are many circumstances to make when choosing such a strange format. Having a elegant purpose for your web design, adjusting your content to fit into a single page, and building an interesting web layout are few of the most vital central points to make your single page web design meet its full potential.
Following showcase features some of the great single page web design examples. Hopefully we think you’ll find a little bit inspiration for your next project. And thus we’ve brought up 35 Magnificent examples of single page websites just for the lovers of single webpage designs. Let’s check them out right here right below right now.

1.Angry Birds Space 

Awesome Animated Single page website that created an impact on us and that’s why it was compulsory for us to include the Angry Birds website in this list.
2.Cultural Solutions UK

We were really speechless while looking at this awesome and creative single page website design. The creative & colorful background eccentric circles added the extra magical touch.
3.Pixel Stadium

Pixel Stadium is a really interesting single website design that has a beautiful look and feel. You should better check it out.

The Pusulaweb shows the true combination of real world and the digital one.

Bold heading and its creative logo makes Benfryc an award winning magnificent single page web design.
6.I am Creative

Genuinely! this site says what it is. The creativity in this site could be seen everywhere like in its logo.
7.Old Barber Shop

Use of vintage font and the essence of black color makes this single page site outstanding, isn’t it?

Nominated and the Site of the day batch winning site Starmatic impresses all with its creative use of full page background image.

Magnificent deliciously magnificent single page website design.
10.PitchCSS Piffle


12.Marisa Passos

13.Tag Creative Studio


Awesomely created header that is creative as well as interactive. The header is designed in Flash and has unbelievable effects.

16.Just Dot

Creative use of font and typography makes this website a magnificent single page web design and it truly deserves to be in this list.

18.We Shoot Bottles


20.Creative People



23. Zwartwitmedia

24.Design Embraced


26.Slavery Footprint

27.The Two Minute Test

28.Fish Marketting


30.Silver Back App

31.Raffael Stueken

32.Basil Gloo

What can I say about this stunning website. Basil has a really creative mind and his website shows that in a real manner.
33.Biking Boss


35.Farm House Fare

Thanks for checking out these Magnificent examples of single page websites. And yes, if you like them why not share with your friends. Please Comment if you have some nice suggestions about the post.

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