Many people who have developed a successful website business are breaking away from the usual 9-5 routine and are choosing to work remotely. Working remotely means that as long as you have adequate wifi connection and communication systems in place, you can work from anywhere in the world. Even if you’re not wanting to work remotely for travel purposes it’s an efficient, money saving option. You could consider hiring freelancers who also work remotely without the associated staffing and employment costs.


Before you set off on your travels, or take the plunge and leave the confines of the office, it’s essential to make sure that your website is suitable for purpose. Your whole business will be run from it, so having effective systems in place is imperative. Ensure that your cyber security is working effectively and is up to date, especially if you are taking payments via your website.

Communication systems such as skype and conference calling need to be installed and running well. If you have an online store ensure it’s working effectively and that stock levels are updated adequately.


If you are travelling you will need to outsource your mail so that it is managed and forwarded on effectively, are able to forward your mail internationally via your computer or smartphone and are able to provide you with a virtual mailbox address.

Other tasks associated with running a website business remotely, that lend themselves easily to outsourcing include bookkeeping, accounting and telephone answering services. You could consider hiring a freelance PA who would be able to complete paperwork tasks.

When hiring freelancers it is important to set up effective communication systems. Mistakes can occur when misinterpreted information is put into place. Touch base with your freelancers frequently to ensure they are staying on track. It’s also important to hire freelancers with as much care as you would hire someone for a staff team. Ask for references and examples of previous work. It would also be good practice to check authenticity of qualifications.

Communication is key

In order to run a business successfully whilst working remotely, excellent communication is essential. When working in an office environment you have many meetings and conversations on a face to face basis, which allows information to be communicated effectively, you can also check if someone has understood what you are trying to convey easily.

To mimic this in a remote working environment you need to check and recheck that information has been understood and carried out. Schedule regular updates and use video technology to try and create a more personal meeting.

Learn to use differing methods of communication and follow up verbal instruction by email. Break tasks and goals down into easily understood chunks so that your message is clearly understood and adhered to.

Touch base in person at every opportunity so that you keep your “finger on the pulse” so to speak.

To conclude working remotely offers a whole host of opportunity, but you need to adopt a new way of working to make it a success.


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