“A year devoted to Artificial Intelligence is sufficient to make the mankind believe in the existence of God.”

Did you ever dream of having a machine that did each and everything you wanted it to do, even the most unfeasible tasks just like in the movies? Artificial Intelligence is that dream converted to reality for the mankind. It’s all about transforming human determinations and thoughts into a well-oriented, sophisticated and intellectual technology. Currently, it’s a work in progress in most regions of the world, believed to be the strongest of the inventions made by mankind, if succeeded.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple words, artificial intelligence is the science concerning the creation of machines that possesses the ability to think, learn and respond. The machines are constructed and programmed in such a manner that they are able to think, perceive, learn and act just like humans do or maybe in a more intellectual and planned manner. Possession of the human-like traits to accomplish a goal that has been set-up on the machine is what we call Artificial Intelligence. Along with this highly sought technology, some pessimist ideas follow, ‘take-over of the human race by these specialized machines’ being one of them. But in the end, Scientists are curious to know what this new science has to offer to the mankind as nobody knows until they’ve experienced it at least once.

How has AI evolved?

The next question that arises, how this substantial science came into existence and who was the mastermind behind it? From being ‘a mythological concept’ to being contained in the writings of classical philosophers, AI got its roots from various historical entities. Until in 1956, Dartmouth conference held at a British university led to the emergence of this academic branch. John McCarthy, founding fathers of Artificial intelligence even gave the branch its name. Ongoing researches and analysis are being conducted every day, Global superpowers like the United States and China and others have even succeeded in the mission up to a certain extent. The technology still in its infancy has been in action for several years now, Siri, Apple’s personal assistant is one.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing, a process involving extraction and implementation of data received by customers with the basic and concepts of Artificial intelligence, aiming to preempt the customer’s next response and behavior which would be beneficial for marketers in order to keep the customer’s inclined and ameliorate marketing profits. According to a new research done by PwC, 72% advantages of Artificial intelligence concept lies in the field of trade and marketing.

Here’s why artificial intelligence could invigorate marketing profits to an exponential level.

Enhances Customer assistance and support

Undoubtedly, the level of learning and intelligence an Artificial Intelligence machine possesses is commendable. Owing to this feature, the marketer could rely greatly on the AI chatbots for extracting data via the highly specialized neural networks which enables them to know a detailed history of the customer’s preferences and purchases. Hence, AI marketing allows the marketer to be a beneficiary by giving him an idea of what exactly the customer needs.

Ameliorates the sales and hence the profit

Consumer’s purchase history, doubts regarding a purchase and most-viewed products by them could prove to be a great asset for elevating your marketing profits, wherein AI sales expert bots play an immense role. These specialized chatbots could analyze your customer’s data of purchases, find out the best matches for your customer and finally, deliver individualistic product suggestions to the consumers which, the consumer would presumptively like.

Indemnity against embezzlement and frauds

Security against fraud is not a product, but a process. In today’s world of embezzlement and deception, Cybersecurity is something every marketer or business person aims for. These highly eminent and specialized bots could prove to be your guards against cyber-threat. Big brands like PayPal, USAA and BBVA have already started using AI bots to render security concerning their customer’s transactions and card related issues.

Anticipates accounts for showcasing better business investments

Database of customers that a company has, is by far, vast than the amount of labor the company marketers could put in it to find out the best business deals and prints. With AI Chatbots by your side, the less scientific and logical approach of searching for the eminent one out of just 50-60% of all, would be eliminated. AI Bots would prove to be successful in filtering through the huge list of customers and finding out the best business print within seconds, something which isn’t feasible by the mankind.

Retaining the customers and preventing losses

Only a marketer knows the amount of effort it takes to make a new customer and keep them inclined to your company’s products. But what if other companies, believed to be your competitors, keep offering them better opportunities? This issue could be solved with an AI Chatbot at your rescue.  The bots would analyze the company’s data, find out the strategies to retain your customers by machine learning and logical approach and suggest them to you.

Hence, Artificial intelligence could prove to a dream come true for marketers, providing them with almost everything they desire, to retain their customers and hence attain huge profits.

Author Bio.  :- James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He enjoy writing about include latest technologies, ios app development and SEO.

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