Building a profitable business is one of the most rewarding things that any mother can do. Firstly, there’s the self-satisfaction and opportunity to work on something you love. It’s also the best way to take charge of your schedule and provide the kids with the things that they need and deserve. Then again, any woman that says success comes easily is sorely mistaken.

Running a small business comes with a whole host of potentially difficult moments. Until you are ready to face those issues, you cannot possibly expect to achieve great things. Here are the challenges that you must be prepared for, along with what can be done to stop them derailing things.

Funding Difficulties

Everyone knows that you need to spend money before making it in modern business. Unfortunately, accessing capital through traditional bank business loans is tougher than ever. So, it may be necessary to think about alternative funding methods such as crowdfunding or private investments. With the former, this can also serve as a great way to build your audience.

Funding the business is one thing, but it’s equally crucial to ensure that the capital is invested wisely. Trimming the fat with price comparisons on insurances and operational services will give you a far strong platform. If nothing else, low overheads will help maximise profit margins.

Handling Staffing Issues


Every entrepreneur needs the support of a winning team behind the business. Unfortunately, hiring the best candidates is simply the start. A whole host of issues can surface, and being ready to overcome them is the only way to keep things running as smoothly as they should.

When problems do surface, it may be necessary to take disciplinary action using the ACAS code of practice. In the meantime, ensuring that those issues with difficult individuals won’t spread to the rest of the team is a major challenge in itself. On a separate note, staff absences due to illness can be a big problem. Using a temp agency or outsourcing certain jobs to other companies can solve this problem.

Establishing An Emotional Connection

Whether you like it or not, consumers are the people that will ultimately decide whether the business has a future or not. Therefore, getting them to feel a strong bond with the company is one of the most important steps on the road to sustained success. Sadly, it’s quite difficult to do this with modern audiences, especially when your venture operates via the digital arena.

Creating a strong brand that resonates with your core demographic is vital. Meanwhile, regular interactions through social media can help grow a sense of trust. Providing insight into the personality of the people behind the company can go a long way to filling the void left by no human interaction too.

Dealing With Errors And Faults


Every business will be guilty of accidents from time to time. When standards slip, customers are well within their rights to complain. You cannot afford to let people take advantage of your fair nature. Still, rectifying genuine mistakes is a crucial responsibility as most will accept this outcome.

Establishing a fair returns policy should be considered essential. It removes any ambiguity regarding those potential situations. When combined with a good customer care game, even if it includes virtual assistants or online FAQs, these issues will feel less draining. Aside from the financial benefits, this should help you channel your energies elsewhere.

Facing Outside Threats

It’s not a nice thing to think about, but your business could be under threat from burglars and fraudsters on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, protecting the company assets is a responsibility that cannot be ignored for a second. From adding CCTV cameras and alarms to safer online practices, each positive step will provide you with an added peace of mind.

Physical theft isn’t the only issue to consider. Understanding the copyright and trademark legislation will allow you to protect intellectual assets. Aside from securing the company’s present, it can go a long way to securing its future.

Relinquishing Control

As the business owner, it’s only natural that you wish to know what is going on. Unfortunately, this is far too much work for one pair of hands, which is why you need employees in the first place. Perhaps more importantly, trying to do everything will consume so much time that you’ll never have time for your family and friends. This is the last thing that any entrepreneur needs.

In truth, finding a good work-life balance is crucial for continued happiness in both aspects of your world. When you have confidence in your team, you’ll be able to relax with far greater authority during days off. Besides, returning to work with fresh eyes can often unlock new ideas.

Poor Sales Figures

While your business may encounter many issues, the damage caused can largely be compensated for by good sales figures. Conversely, though, poor revenue will cause almost irreparable damage. Loyalty schemes and referrals are both great ways to stop this becoming a long-term fault of the company. However, a few additional ideas may need to be incorporated.

Email marketings streams that promote discounts can work wonders, especially when deals are timed. This forces users to make a decision, which will often influence them in a positive manner. Even if the profit per unit falls, that added value can encourage repeat custom too.

Knowing When To Quit

It’s a harsh reality, but up to 90% of new startups are destined to fail. Unfortunately, there are times when admitting defeat may be for the best in the long run. After all, many great entrepreneurs have suffered setbacks and failures before finding their path to glory.

In some cases, it may just be a case of abandoning a specific product or service. Alternatively, going back to the drawing board to update an item that isn’t selling well could be enough to restore your hopes of sustainability. Ultimately, if you are prepared to be the company’s harshest critic, the outcomes will be for the best.

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