Designing a logo means letting people know how success physically looks like – (great motivation right?)

When you dream big about your business or even startup, then everything should sound, look and prepared from day one such that the press would rush to cover it – Yes, It’s going to represent your business at the backdrop for the red carpet to grand ceremonies and where not?

So is your current logo design looks great enough to nail it? Is it so stunning that people will remember it forever? – Well, today we are going to share some tips that will help you get the perfect identity for your business and will eventually help you get a better understanding of design and its importance.

Before we move on, let’s comprehend about the jobs a logo has to do:

  • Clear and concise way to define your business at a glance
  • It should be professional to move along with all advertising content
  • Easy to remember and designed to inspire

1# – Define Yourself, Better

Be it an agency that works for sales and advertisements, a clothing outlet based in Manhattan or a family business selling natural homemade products – When it comes to defining yourself be clear about where what and when of your business. It’s about giving meaning to your logo that tells you as an exciting story.  Defining your company means that logo concept should represent your core values with a subtle touch of creativeness that keeps your primary product or service ahead. Most businesses fail to realize is that it’s not about the skills of designing a logo, there is a lot in a designer’s head that matters too.

For instance, whatever you tell your designer about yourself, a professional or experts would go mars first because rest has already reached to the moon – which means there are millions of concepts previously available in the market and are reused a hundred more time. Know that a custom logo design service is all expected to sit, draw, plan and discuss before hopping right at the designing software. Don’t forget these three “should” at the very first stage of logo design if you genuinely want to get the gold:

  • Your logo should be Original
  • Your logo should be Unique!
  • Your logo should be scalable

2# – Define Your Target Audience

No matter how much big or medium your office seems, no matter how gazillion investment you have for your business if a target audience unable to relate it how would you fascinate them. Now there must be a lot of things going in your head regarding your target audience but let’s just clarify that mess once and for all.

·  What type of people will use your service/product?

Are they executives of a trading company? Are they teachers? Or students from high-school? Study your audience carefully it will help you enhance your product/services too that will surely make it more relatable.

·  What age do they belong?

It might bring a lot of options to go with, but that’s okay in fact good enough to explain your business niche (position) to the graphic designer. This way you open ways to flow your concept within the range of elements that describe the business you run more creatively.

·  What language do they speak?

Now a product such as shoes, dresses, and food can be demanded anywhere in the world especially when social media makes you drool over plain rice too. However, when it comes to design a logo, designers often take inspirations from the language itself means typography inspirations. Let’s say you are aiming to open a restaurant that serves Thai foods – using any pattern form Thai letters would help giving more unique ideas and hence the design which will bring more meaning to the context with Thai typography.

3# — Logo Design Samples (sketches)

A professional logo design company always cares about customers and clients preference. From committed freelancers to anyone you trust know that they still use papers and pen to draw if they are thinking to come up with any concept that has never created before. Many companies also ask to pick few types and shapes to comprehend your demands for custom logo design.

On the other hand, it even tells if the design is coming from the safe hands meaning no cheating any copying and no over-smartness involved in given logo design. However, here is another tip that safes are slaughtering your logo:

  • Never ever choose cheap logo packages no matter how impressive the offer seems!

Look, since this voice, if coming from Logo Design Valley, we know how hard this job is to get done – not because we are lazy but because we see the struggle of hiring someone who gives birth to originals ideas and something that has never born anywhere else before. Therefore, if you think this all comes so cheap with an affordable logo design package do not fall for it.

#4 – Flexible Logo Design

From print media to social media, from website to mobile application from pamphlets to flyers a logo must dazzle at every stage and in every size.

By flexible logo, we mean hues, saturation, color-templates to design everything must set as in an ideal form to grasp attention no matter what material it is pasted over. It should be stylish and flexible enough to leave your audience impressed no matter if it is printed on a T-shirt, business card to even on the vehicle.  However, you can tell your graphic designers about the dimension you are expecting it to be. From verticals, horizontal to square or a round shape but never a mixture of all because symmetrical design fits in a vision easily and helps brains to calculate it quickly.

#5 Animated Logo Design

From Facebook to Web sites, the new trend of animated logo design is gradually prevailing in the online world. A subtle creative move, like Google ‘G’, YouTube logo explains about the shift companies are adopting today. Therefore, if you are looking forward to ideas that not only bring scalability to your design but also seems fantabulous over online platforms, come to us for a great discussion at Logo Design Valley where we answer your all quires and does not prioritize money over your satisfaction.

A logo design is your business ambassador; it is your most important element that will help you introduce your business to the world at a glance. Therefore, whether you look for affordable logo design service, custom logo or even animated logo be sure to opt for a professional company like LogoDesignValley that can help you come up with a unique identity with creative ideas that not only represents you but also makes you different from the rest.

Author Bio:

Reddington Roy is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at Logo Design Valley, a Dallas Graphic Design agency. A creative marketing strategist with over 5 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development. A professional in creating creative strategies. His online marketing strategies and execution have resulted in revenue for clients and his personal experience gives an advantage in enriching brands online. Working with professional logo design & web developers specifically those having years of experience even as a freelancer can make an inexperienced client feel clueless, timid and curious several times.


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