Are you, too, caught up in the stresses of modern life like everyone else?

With our lives being limited to desks and piles of papers from 9 to 5, there are times when a purposeful pause in the day is vital. Stressing out over remaining assignments, a cluttered inbox, approaching deadlines and unfinished resolutions is no way to welcome the new year.

2017 has been eventful. Nonetheless, it’s time to leave your piles of unfinished businesses, negative feelings, and problems behind (even if it’s just for a little while).

2018 has started and you deserve a break. And yet it seems impossible to get away, even for a while.

But, it’s time to stop and let your mind rest, and yes, some apps can help you do just that.

We’ve put together the top 5 apps to help you de-stress and start 2018 the right way.

  1. Jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles provide a calming distraction as well as a creative outlet, keeping the mind focused and hands engaged. The jigsaw puzzle application allows you to have your portable jigsaw puzzle present with you at all times in your very own smartphone/tablet.

Concentrating on the puzzle pieces often helps refocus the mind. It also shields it from negative and stressful thoughts and improves hand-eye coordination.

Working a puzzle will help you develop problem-solving skills and logical thought processing. This game consists of puzzles of varying difficulty for you to work on whenever you please. Oh and you never have to lose a puzzle piece ever again.

Available on iOS, Android. (Free download)

  1. Kitty Snatch

There are cats everywhere. That should be a good enough reason for you to know you need this. There’s nothing like a little quality time with these cozy felines to calm your nerves and lighten up your day.

This game, which endlessly challenges you through hundreds of levels, has brought our not so secret cat lady dreams to life.

Unlock new kitties every 12 levels with new levels and characters being added continuously. You can help your friends out, browse their collections, and help yourself to one of their kitties.

The adorable graphics and quirky characters are bound to make you smile. This game in your phone will work as a well-needed mood booster for those stressful days.

Available on Android. (Free download)

  1. Viridi

Viridi allows you to have an ultra-Zen experience. The app places you in a pleasant little digital world where you can nurture and tend to your very own succulents that grow in real time.

And as you do so, a snail circumnavigates the edge of the pot. The satisfaction of gardening paired with soothing background music creates a calming experience for users.

Soon, this app may become a place you can return to for a serene environment whenever you might need one. One of Virdi’s most appealing features is its presentation.

Visually, the game consists of simple polygonal shapes, but the subdued tones are easy on the eyes and relax the mind.

While the only thing moving independently is a small snail, it means your eyes won’t have to be traveling all over the place but can rather observe the scene at a leisurely pace. This app can provide the perfect escape. A peaceful alternate reality for when things get too busy.

Available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows. (Free download)

  1. Neko Atsume

Spoiler alert: there are more cats. 2018 is looking better already. Neko Atsume is the perfect game for when you simply need to get away. Your task is simple: put out food and fun toys in your virtual yard to attract stray cats.

The goal is arbitrary; you can’t let your ‘nikos’ down, so there’s no damage, even if you happen to disappear for a while.

When they arrive you can view their profiles and/or take pictures of them for your virtual album of cat pictures. The graphics are endearing.

However, the best part is loading up the game to see which cat decided to pay you a visit. The ideal way to lighten up what might have been an otherwise draining day.

Available on Android, iOS. (Free download)

  1. Pigment

Coloring has therapeutic potential and can reduce stress by allowing the brain to switch off irrelevant thoughts and maintain a focus. Coloring, therefore, provides a mindful alternative to actual meditation in a non-traditional manner.

Pigment provides you with a realistic digital adult coloring book experience in the palm of your hand. It consists of a wide variety of tools, illustrations across various categories, 126 colors and a lot more.

Its unique features give it an edge over traditional coloring books. Each tool has line thickness and opacity adjustment sliders allowing users to create various type of shades and strokes.

New content is frequently added as well. The app is ideal for when you need to detach from the world. Pigment captures and recreates the true calming essence of coloring.

Available on iOS, Android (Free download with paid subscriptions for full access)

These were just 5 of the many ways you can let yourself unwind without actually leaving your desk. Several other outstanding apps such as the the Worry Box and The Mindfulness App etc. can help you relax. All of these will put your mind to rest, or help you kill time for when you just can’t wait.

But while you’re choosing apps, make sure that your device remains free of spam apps. Always download apps from reputable app stores, and read users’ feedback before picking any.

Starting the year with previously built up stresses will only hold you down from further progress. So don’t mind slowing down now and then. Take a while to reevaluate or maybe just relax. Start your year with a peaceful mind and don’t forget to treat yourself with an occasional breather.

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