Video interviews can be an extremely compelling type of content, but it can be challenging to produce. People often shy away from creating this type of content because of those challenges, but with a few tips you will find that they aren’t really that difficult to overcome.

To be more specific if you want to create compelling video interviews as website content, you should:

  • Find a good subject to interview

The subject of the interview is extremely important. Ideally it should be someone who is recognized as an expert in their field, and whose opinions viewers are going to be interested in. On top of that it helps if the subject is no stranger to being interviewed, and has a good on-camera presence that is going to make the interview more appealing to viewers.

  • Pick an interesting topic and ask the right questions

Aside from the subject being interviewed, it goes without saying that the topic needs to be something viewers would be interested in as well. More importantly the questions that you ask the subject need to be well thought out, so that they will help provide answers that viewers are likely to want to know. If you can, be sure to map out likely responses and follow-up questions that could be asked, to give the interview more depth.

  • Prepare before the interview

Prior to the interview you should prepare the setting, as well as yourself (i.e. the interviewer). Try to rehearse your questions, making sure they are direct and concise while still being clear. If there are any words or names that are difficult to pronounce you should check on how to do so and practice for a bit – to make sure you don’t slip up during the interview.

  • Use high quality microphones

While video quality is undoubtedly important, audio quality matters a lot for interviews. As such you should use high quality microphones so that the audio is crisp and clear. It helps to try to minimize outside sources of background noise too – as much as possible.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to record a video interview ‘in person’ and you can actually do so via a video call. In fact with Movavi Screen Recorder you can easily record Skype video calls and save them as interviews.

With the features in Movavi Screen Recorder you can set it up by defining the capture area, selecting the audio sources, and adjusting the sound levels. Additionally you can also set the frame rate and various other recording parameters so that they fit the specifications that you want.

After that it is simply a case of recording the video call and then saving it afterwards. When you’re done Movavi Screen Recorder will let you review the footage that you recorded and even trim out any bits you don’t need – so you can fine tune the interview before saving it and uploading it to your website as content.

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