Diverse advertising novelties, modern technologies, and mass media dictate stylish trends in web design. As soon as a new trend comes into forth, its popularity increases slowly, as it starts being used in all the fashion spheres. One trend changes another, more new and new website trends become popular, and some of them fall into oblivion. On average, it takes 1 or 2 years for a trend to be used by web designers. Every expert is interested in staying aware of the latest novelties and newest website technology. As a matter of fact, the development of web trends is that dynamic, that everything you thought was popular a month ago, seems to be out of date and old-fashioned today. That is the main reason why it is essential for a designer to be involved and stay interested in the latest news of the design world. And every professional must realize the importance of an eternal process of learning and self-developing. The group of web experts conducted a research and created a list of top promising web design trends 2017.

Patterns, lines, circles and other geometric forms

This tendency appeared in 2016 and became very popular in 2017. It will be developing by 2018 as well. By using mixed forms and patterns, the developers achieved incredible results on web pages. First of all, a composition or a complex mock-up picture is of the first importance in the process of creation. Flat and material design match with decorative elements and easy forms. 2D design still exists with some changes though.

Bright colors

A promising web design rend 2017 is the use of bright colors. Material and flat design match together with vivid and juicy colors. The colorful gradient is the top trend of contemporary design. The Instagram Company was the first who attempted to change company pics and logos. They change flat colors on multi colorful gradients. Logos, buttons and other elements got a new style. This is the trend 2017, which promises to be used in 2018. The most important rule and the key to success in using bight colors are to match them properly.

Photo content

Photo content approach on e-commerce websites and unique author’s photos are web development trends of the coming 2018. It’s interesting that 60% of consumers suppose photos are the most important factor of purchases. That is why malls and boutiques pay great attention to the photo content. If you are at the very beginning of your career path as a web designer, just type ‘do my essay for me’ on any search engine to get professional assistance.


Today animated objects are everywhere: logos, website and app icons, different objects. Sometimes, even newsletters have digital video-interactive. Videos and GIF pictures, which show animation without pauses are a popular way to add some drama and animation to our websites. It attracts the attention of a visitor for quite a long time.


Traditional PNG, JPG, and even GIF formats are old-fashioned tools of a web system. Today SVG is the format of a new popularity. It is quite easy to adjust to scale without losing the quality of a picture. In addition, the size of the original SVG pictures is very acceptable. Add-ins is the best decision for tiny graphic elements.

Half-flat design

Smooth shading does not ruin the atmosphere of a flat design, adding depth and complexity. This element of a popular trend will continue its development in 2018.

About the author: Helen Birk is a writer and a blogger. Since 1999 she had moved to the USA, where she started her career as a journalist in one of the most popular fashion magazines. Helen Birk has plenty of creative hobbies, like drawing, singing, dancing. At recent times she traveled a lot, and now she shares her memories and tips for travelers and tourists on the Internet.

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