It’s difficult to get a web design business up, running, and successful, but once you’ve got yourself established, where do you go from there? The truth is that there is no upper ceiling when it comes to web design; it’s always possible to grow. It’s just that most business owners don’t know how to do it. Fortunately, we do, and we’re willing to share the secrets. Below, we take a look at five ways you can scale up your web design business and make your company even more successful than it currently is.

Say No

Many web design business owners think that they need to grab as much work as they can, especially in the early days. While there is something to be said for this approach when you’re just starting out, once you have experience under your belt then accepting work can often do more harm than good. Why? Because there’ll likely never be any shortage of clients willing to get bargain price web design; to grow your company, you need to be working with the companies who understand the value of high-end web design. In short, by saying no you’ll be positioning yourself in the more exclusive bracket, thus attracting better clients.

Build a Team

You have to spend money to make money. By hiring a team of workers, you’ll be able to find and take on more work, and thus become a real web design company (as opposed to just a business). Of course, there are challenges to hiring workers, but if you’re able to hire correctly, then you’ll be able to assemble a team that takes you to the next level. Once your workers are in place, make sure you function just like any other company, even if your workers are remote. You can use absence management software to record illnesses and holiday requests; hire a tax expert to take advantage of any breaks staff night bring, and use communication applications to stay in contact throughout the day. If you do hire staff, make sure you read up on leadership, as you’ll need to put what you’ve learned into practice to keep your team happy and productive.

Turn Professional

Now you have a professional team; it’s time to look at the other areas of your business that could do with a professional boost. For example, how’s your own website? It’ll be a good idea to go through it with a fine tooth comb – or maybe redesign it entirely – to reflect your new position as a much bigger organisation. The term should not be ‘I am’, but rather: ‘we are’!

Become the Expert

You can’t just position yourself at the top; you need to show others that you belong there. One way to do this is to present yourself as an expert in the field of web design by writing blogs, becoming a social media influencer, and otherwise getting involved with the debates of your industry.


Remember, growth doesn’t happen just by getting more clients; it’s about acting like you belong at the top.

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