Are you planning to launch your own online store but unlike a number of other people do not want to put huge amount of money in building the one? If yes, then why not build up your online stores including the tools like Selz and Design & pages application. The following are some of the steps, which can help you in building up your ecommerce website without having any technical expertise. Let’s check some of the key steps in building the ecommerce website design as under:

Step 1 – Decide upon your domain

Do you really require a custom domain for your ecommerce website, well the simple answer can be no, you do not need the one as you can find the same from the sub-domain like for no money by simply registering for free over the site called Selz. If you are keen in selling out a number of products and building up a brand along with a custom domain in the way you move on. With the custom domain you render your eCommerce store as under:
  •         A recognizing brand, which falls under the category of
  •         A professionally managed email address that is linked to your domain where people can easily contact you
  •         Reap a number of search engine optimization benefits

With the help of using a number of custom domains at the Selz platform, you can get things done in few clicks and in case if nothing works, you can seek the help with iwantmyname and thus get the domain setup done automatically.

Step 2 – Select the right platform

This is very simple step. It is often recommended to get the ecommerce website development for simple and flexible way to use. A majority of small business owners are simply not bothered with hand coding of their website. The business owners and solo entrepreneurs require a right platform to integrate with their current site and thus allow them to set up the site from the very scratch in just few steps. This is the reason why Selz & the Design and Pages app has become the common option now. It is designed simple to help in creating a stylish and professional ecommerce site along with getting the same at highly competitive cost. Also, the online store can be easily customized as you can realize the same in the next step.

Step 3 – Design your Store

The next step is to design your store. This group helps in adding pages to your online hence you can give the buyers more info regarding your products and services that can help you in making you more comfortable for making the purchase. Once you do this, you need to include the about us page along with the contact page at the very least in order to get connected with your potential buyers. The other vital elements that are supposed to be added are as under:
  •         A Photo
  •         Your store name
  •         Your online store logo
  •         The suitable color scheme
  •         Trustmark & payment logos

All these are vital to get a professional look and feel for your complete online store by simply using the theme of built into Design & Pages. This can help in getting the business like design at the click of a button that can help in making the people get attracted towards you and one would certainly like to buy from it. Make sure you design and include pages as per the themes in order to start with the other way. Or you can even design on your own as per your whims and fancies along with editing the CSS, design and pages usage and liquid syntax that can help in getting the same done like Shopify.

Step 4 – Set up Payments

There are two key elements of your payment for your ecommerce website and the way the customers are going to pay you the money along with going to get the payments done in your bank accounts. In a number of cases, this simply means in finding the party payment processor in order to act like the go-between. Fortunately, while you are using the platforms like Selz, there is certainly no need for the same and it could have made things quicker and simpler that come along with the Selz:
  1.         Secure payment handling
  2.         Integrated SSL
  3.         Acceptance of payments from different places
  4.         PayPal payment in your bank accounts &
  5.         WordPress eCommerce integration

Once you are done, you can then set up your location and check the default payment currency for a number of shoppers along with yourself in your store dashboard for making things work.

Step 5 – Add products

Once you are done with the above steps, it’s time to add a couple of products in your eCommerce website, with checking the following steps, one can end up doing the same:
  •         Select from your product types for instance if you are offering a video course, Selz has no limitation for the bandwidth or storage you can easily upload files up to 15GB
  •         Add name and description in all your products
  •         Set up the cost along with adding up the available quantities for sale
  •         Have a preview of your products with the help of uploading an image along with adding a YouTube video or audio file as well
  •         Select from a wide range of delivery & cost options along with giving the variants

Add the descriptions along with clearing up the images that are proven to convert, hence it could be a worthy option to spend the money on this step.

Step 6 – Check the Checkout

The shopping cart abandonment over the plague of the ecommerce websites better try to avoid the same by doing a couple of changes like:
  •         Making sure your portal and especially the checkout works over your mobile device to check the compatibility element.
  •         Allowing your people to buy a number of items while using the Selz shopping cart application can work wonder for you.
  •         Give free or low cost shipping or better be clear one this policy before you do the checkout

As per the recent research 28percent of the shoppers would abandon their purchase if they fail to have any payment options that are offered and thus the percentage would be seen much higher. You can also use the payment options like PayPal, which are proved out to be much better option than the other.

Step 7 – Check the SEO & Analytics

One vital things, which happens to be an important in creating the ecommerce website design for your online is to optimize it in terms of the popular search engines. Check the guidelines of SEO in order to help your online store to make your products, ecommerce sites and services to remain visible over the search results. Also, track the performance of your online store with tools like Google Analytics and monitor the same in order to chalk out the strategies for getting more amounts of sales and reach.

Wrapping up

That’s it, you are done and all the best for your online store. You can further market and promote your sitealong with adding a couple of other features as well to make it competitive in the market.
Contributors Bio: Amit Kumar is the blogger, writer and web designer providing web development services and ecommerce website development services since years.  

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