One of the best thing about the mobile app is its reach. So, when you develop a mobile app, it is essential to design it according to the branding strategy. Because, with a mobile app, you are not just trying to capture a local business, but you are tapping on the opportunity to take your brand further, globally. When it comes to branding, mobile apps are much more than just a small icon. It is the gateway to brand your business on a larger scale. The scalability of the mobile app is also more than just UI/UX and offerings. Mobile apps are all about maintaining equilibrium between the design strategies and branding strategy. The key aspects of app design strategy involve answering the following questions;

  • Why there is a requirement of developing a mobile application for business
  • How a mobile application design should work
  • How to contextually innovate the mobile app as per the firm offerings
  • How can mobile app design benefit business in long term
  • How can a mobile app design mitigate the risk of business decisions
The entire process of app design plays a crucial role as a catalyst for branding. The ideal approach for gratifying the branding strategy involves certain strategic considerations.

Colors must hold the industry-specific prerogatives

Colors play the crucial role when it comes to branding the business. There is something called industry color standards which adds the aesthetic value to a brand, and this is one important factor to consider while designing a mobile app. Or else, why do you majorly see shades of either blue or red when it comes to the banking industry in some countries like India and US?
Close your eyes for a moment and think of a healthcare brand. Visualize a color. You would either think of red or green. Reason being, the colors are so closely associated with the industry that it has now become a part of the people’s psychology. Look how MinutePad do this.

Therefore, when you go for branding the business through a mobile app, it is important to keep this factor in mind. This is the key element to building a brand perspective. For example, it is tough to associate Facebook with a brand in pink color. This is how the brand association works in going global with the brand color. Likewise, mobile apps are an important tool to communicate the brand message through a universal color psychology.

Therefore, adhering to the industry standard also plays a vital role in the app design unless you cater to the vibrant industry like retail, media, etc.

App design strengthens the brand offerings

If you believe that mobile app has the power to enhance the core brand offerings, then it is possible to communicate the same via a mobile app. There is a considerable amount of scope to scale the brand offerings in a mobile app and thereby businesses should tap this opportunity. Every brand has the offering elements ranging in a broad spectrum of the horizon.
For example, your brand focuses on uniqueness; then the app design must also be unique enough to complement the brand offerings. To signify its range of product offerings, Amazon logo connects A to Z with an arrow. However, that is about logo design. Talking about app design, in the same way, take a look at Listen app which holds the proposition of offering more of listening than the App’ing.
Consider the service it offers by proving a button-free music app. Standing by the brand offerings, Listen de-clutters the app so that users can just focus on listening by making the playlist go listless. This is how an app can significantly stand by the brand offerings.

App design contributes in captivating the brand visibility

Every business brand craves for the eyes because branding is all about alluring the customers to come for more. No other medium is as powerful as a mobile app when it comes to the longevity of brand visibleness.
To attract more number of stares, you can advertise your brand on the front page of newspaper across the country or may run a YouTube add, or perhaps you the old school way and opt for outdoor hoarding. However, the power which a mobile app is unparallel. Imagine, your brand logo has the authority to sit on the lock screen of users across the globe.
The scope of the mobile app is immense regarding the mobility, visibility, and scalability. Just by deploying the option of notifications, or elements to integrate the business updates with the lock screen, a mobile app can certainly provide your brand with a live space to market your business propositions.

Mobile app provides an ideal platform for community branding

One of the recent trends in the marketing industry is the advent of community branding. The community branding has evolved more than imagined. Community branding can form an attachment towards the product or marque. Mobile apps, when designed keeping in mind the community branding, yields a greater level of engagement within the mobile apps amongst the users. Not only it opens the floodgates for current customers, but it also contributes towards bridging the ideal gap between current customers and prospective customers.
Take, for example; community branding has a large part to play in the success of THRONE app. The app is designed on the concept of community marketing itself. Mobile app embraces the company’s branding vision of involving global users under one roof by providing the firsthand platform for interaction.
Hence, it totally depends on whether the developers are ready to believe that mobile apps are something which can significantly contribute towards brand building and stand by the brand strategies. It is all about taking the first step of belief to integrate the branding part with the app design. Because businesses are invariably capable of pulling customers with its effective branding strategy but the strategic alignment of app design and branding can significantly scale the brand to limitless horizons.

Contributor Bio:
Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, one of the top mobile app development companies for iOS and Android app development. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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