Great Design Can Improve Marketing Strategy

Good design isn’t just making a product look visually good. Good design is the medium to achieve a better experience for our users, is the way to increase conversions, sales and, foremost, it’s the key for a well-executed marketing plan. As designers we know that the value proposition of our services is really enabling our clients to improve the way they’re doing business and today we’ll explore 5 reasons why a great design is the key factor in terms of marketing.

First Impression

The first time a user visits your website he’ll be able to decide whether he’s going to spend time reading all the information on the page or not – color, typography and images. What message do these element send? Is the communication clear and organized or more chaotic and irrational? Whatever message a user gleans from this first glance will shape all communication from that point forward.

Your site needs to be designed well so that users find a site they will return to in the future. It needs to have a design that matches the content and information that’s easy to see and digest.

Overall Impression

Your website needs to be designed with a strong consistency among all the visual elements: after that initial glance, users need to have a reason to stick around or think about your website, company or brand in more depth. So give them more. Show users some-thing that is unique to you with the design. (Great visuals are an easy way to do this.)

A great-looking homepage is awesome, but every other page, element and tool on your site must be designed equally well. Think of it this way: It is likely that more than half of your users will land on your site starting with an internal page other than the homepage.

Create an Emotional Connection

When your users are satisfied after having visited your website for the first time it’s time to create a connection with them in order to increase their willing to become your customers.

A great logo, impact color palette and easy to read type choices are a quick way to get there.
Establish a connection that users don’t want to lose with the design. You can further establish loyalty with words or images that users want to be associated with. They should look at your website and see themselves, or the self they desire to be.


Designing with consistency will help users find you. Almost anyone, anywhere around the world can identify the bitten fruit that signify the Apple brand. You need a design scheme that does this very thing.

Stick to a distinct style, color palette, type palette, voice and message. Your logo or branding should always be clear and integrated into the design. A great visual presence means nothing if users don’t know who made it or what it represents.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Finally, for the best marketing results you need a design that encourages action. All buttons should be designed in such a way that they are easy to find, click (or tap) and get to the next step.

Navigational elements and instructions should be clear and concise. Your design will fail you if users don’t know who to complete the action the site is designed for them to do. Make it easy. Calls to action should be some of the most prominent and easy to find elements across your website.


As we discussed, there are different ways to enhance the way you can improve marketing results by using a carefully implemented design, start implementing them in your design process and you will be likely to receive results sooner than you’d expect.

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