The average online marketer is content with creating separate areas of commerce on different online markets. They have their brand on Twitter where they market, they have Google ads where they also market, and they try to push people to their website to make purchases. All too often, these are three separate efforts.Being able to combine your different marketing efforts together is what remarketing tools are for. They help you target your ad spend on people who have visited your website before in an effort to get them to return and make that purchase they were contemplating before.

This article is going to show you:

  • How to install the Google AdWords WordPress Plugin for Remarketing
  • How to install the Twitter Ads WordPress Plugin for Remarketing

With so many businesses focusing on these two advertising channels it only makes sense to incorporate them into your strategy. This can save you money, give you better ROI, and keep you on the mind of those people who are most likely to become your customer – those who already know you!

What is the point of remarketing plugins for WordPress

Before we get too far into this, let me briefly summarize the point of remarketing:

  1. A visitor to your website has a cookie placed on their computer.
  2. A Twitter follower or Google searcher goes on Twitter, or does a Google search about a keyword related to you.
  3. The remarketing tools in these ad programs find the cookie.
  4. The Twitter follower or Google searchers are shown special ads from you based on what page they had visited before.

The online world is big. Huge. Billions strong. But despite all this vastness it is still intimacy which wins. The more customized you can make your ads feel for those who come across them, the better able you are to give them the intimate experience they’ll need to make a purchase. This is what remarketing tools are for.

Before getting too far into this, you’re going to need a strong Twitter following. You can’t control who does Google searches, but you can control the size of your Twitter audience. Work on getting more Twitter followers so that your Twitter remarketing has someone to market to! The larger your audience is on Twitter, the better chances you have of this working as well as it should.
Setting up Google Remarketing for AdWords using WordPress

Let’s dive right into setting up your account and getting to work on bettering your marketing spend:

  1. Login to Google AdWords: Either log into your existing account, or create a new one. The process is straightforward. Either way, click ‘Campaigns’ at the top of your screen.
  2. Choose the Campaign drop down: Now select “Display Network only” from the options provided.
  3. Check that: The “Marketing objective” button stays checked, and now select “Buy on your website.”
  4. Campaign: Choose a name and bidding strategy, and set your budget for the adwords campaign. Click Save and continue once you’re satisfied. Don’t be afraid to take some time on this as you research your bidding strategy options.
  5. Ad group name: Choose the ad group name that works closest with your keyword goals, and bid on the ad group.
  6. Select Interests & Remarketing: From this drop down menu you will choose “Remarketing lists.” Click on the “Set up remarketing” button. This is where things get complicated as you’re guided through two more steps:
    • Google Adwords creates a remarketing tag for you. Email this to your webmaster, or save it somewhere yourself and email it. The email comes with instructions on how to install it on your website. There will also be a checkbox to select if you already use Google Analytics.
    • Google Adwords auto-generates a list called “All Visitors” for you. As you can guess, it is a list of everyone who has visited the pages on your website which are marked with the remarketing tag. This list is quite useful, but if you have more specific goals in mind to narrow your focus even more you can create those lists here.
  1. Save and finish: You have the option of clicking “Save” here and starting your ads, or “Skip ad creation” so that you can continue to work on it later. Make sure you’re 100% ready before you save as the money will start being spent right away!

The process can be a bit daunting for the novice web user, but the time invested will be worth it. Your website will now be working in conjunction with your website and the power of Google search, finding the exact right people for the exact right ads. You can hardly ask for anything better.

Installing Twitter Remarketing

Grow Your Twitter Following into thousands of Tweeting Fans
We’ve had a year of experience since this launched, but this setup will be a little bit more complicated than Google. You have to do more interacting between Google, Twitter, and WordPress to get it completed. I’d recommend having a read through it all before you even start:


  1. Ad Campaign: From your Twitter’s homepage, click the gear in the upper right hand corner and choose “Twitter Ads” from the drop down menu.
  2. Twitter Ad dashboard: Select the “Conversion tracking” option from the top bar. A window will open. Choose “Create your First Website Tag” from it. Create the name for this ad campaign.
  3. Conversion tracking: You want to select “Create a Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes” now. Click on the “Create Tag” button. Congratulations. You just went from regular Twitter Adword marketing, to remarketing. Make sure to copy the code from the popup window and save it somewhere easy to locate.
  4. Google Tag Manager: Now go to, or create, your Google Tag Manager account. You will have a unique ID for your website. Put this into the same document as the code from step 3 as you’ll need them both at the same time.
  5. WordPress: Ok, you’re finally ready to go to your WordPress site that is at the heart of all this. Go to your Dashboard, select “New”, and “Tag”. Choose a name. From the drop down menu you see, choose “Custom HTML Tag.” This is where you’ll paste the Twitter Remarketing tag.
  6. Dashboard Plugins: From the dashboard again, go to the Plugins section. Choose “Add New” from the menu. Use the search box to find “Google Tag Manager.” Paste the code here form the document.

Everything should be working now, and your ads will be shown on Twitter to people who have visited your website before. Make sure you have a plan in place to start tracking everything in a spreadsheet. You’re going to be getting some very different traffic patterns and you need to learn everything you can from them.

Remarketing is the future of your online and social marketing

The targeting power of both of these remarketing programs should be readily apparent. Being able to find the exact right person, and send them back to the that exact right page that they’re interested in, can be huge for your brand. Use the power of your large Twitter following even more effectively with this advanced marketing tactic!

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Ernest is a video marketer with a side of social marketing, or a social marketer with a side of video marketing depending on his mood. You can find him and his team blogging every week on SMMGuide, a Social Media Marketing blog.

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