JavaScript and browsers are becoming more and more powerful with every day that goes by. Once upon a time, games were built with Flash, and there was no way for developers to create games without it. Now that Flash has faded into nothingness, the stage is now prepared for the powerful and revolutionary WebGL gaming and 3D HTML5. Here’s a comprehensive list with games that were built only with the coolest web technologies. So enjoy the list and share your thoughts on the same. By the way you may love to read our previous posts on topics such as JavaScript and some web tools. I would like to hear your voice in the comments section below, please share your valuable comments.


Sinuous is a simple Arcade game that features the coolest graphics. It packs a fluid frame rate, and all players have to do is avoid crashing with the in-game red dots as they pick up power-ups. For extra points, players must constantly move around. Do you have what it takes to stay alive and move to more advanced levels?

Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD is one of the coolest games made in HTML5. Players must race a bike on various tracks that are drawn by some other players. There are thousands of tracks available, so this is a perfect game to keep your friends entertained and draw one or more tracks for them. Free Rider is also educational. Studies have shown that there’s a strong connection between creating tracks and programming logic.


hexgl Amazing games that are built only with web technologies

Created by Thibaut Despoulain, HexGL is a fast-paced, futuristic racing game that uses JavaScript, HTML5 and WebGL gaming. HexGL is homage to the original F-Zero and Wipeout series. When it was created, the developers put a lot of dedication into the process; the game was made with three.js, which is a 3D library maintained by AlteredQualia and Mr.doob, and crafted on top of WebGL.


Sketchout’s objective is to safeguard the plant and do whatever’s necessary to take down the opposition. This arcade game features the most interesting design, and it prides with awesome music and visuals. Players must deflect meteors as they take charge of a Breakout-style paddle; at the same time, they must draw lines to move ahead in the game and advance to further levels.


Entanglement is a puzzle HTML5 game. Players must create long paths (as long as they can) by inserting segments on a special grid. There are many levels available, and you can even play against your best friends and compete for the highest score.


Polycraft is an awesome 3D tower defense action game where players must run around and collect resources to build their base. For great achievements, you should complete are many quests as possible. Build things and fighting gear, and use your brain to craft towers and walls with the assistance of your Wildlings. Keep your base safe from vicious Ferals; hunt them out of the base and annihilate them with your forceful shotgun.


2048 Amazing games that are built only with web technologies

2048 was one of 2014’s most addictive games. Similar to Threes, another cool game for iOS and Android, in 2048 you must move around numbered tiles. Merge them and do whatever you can to get to 2048 and win the game. At a first glimpse, 2048 looks simple; but as you dive deeper into the change, the numbered tiles get tricky, and you will have to struggle a bit to win.

Cube Slam

Cube Slam is an arcade classic; beautifully colored and featuring the finest 3D graphics, this HTML5 game is simple and fun. It even supports multiplayer so that you can challenge friends. All you have to do is send them a URL.

The Wizard

In this amazing turn-based action RPG, players must fight mythical monsters and locate marvelous spells in the hopes of getting their faces back. That’s right; you’re a cool wizard without a face, so you must do everything in your power to find the thief. The Wizard is a dungeon crawler type of game with ingenious combat mechanics that are not that easy to beat. Outwit your enemies by positioning yourself strategically.

Elevator Saga

Elevator Saga is a coding game for avid programmers. You’re in charge of transporting people as efficiently as possible by encoding elevator movements. Each and every single move that you make is done with JavaScript, so you should be ready to put your coding skills to the ultimate test.

Game of Bombs

In this old-school action RPG, you must collect achievements, power-ups and skins to become the finest and the most skilled bomberman player. The action of Game of Bombs happens in a vast map, but watch out as it is filled with enemy players that will attempt to take you down.

Olympia Rising

Olympia Rising is a dynamic action platformer. It features the most gripping retro-looking graphics, and it will certain appeal to avid HTML5 gamers out there. The action of the game happens in Ancient Greece, and players take the role of a woman who receives a 2nd change to live. However, she must escape from a world of death in order to be granted that second chance at a normal life.

Pixel Race

Pixel Race is a rather simple HTML5 game; however, it does feature the finest frame rates. Players are in charge of a car, which they must operate to avoid obstacles. At the same time they must collect coins and make as many points as possible. Currently, the world record is 36309 coins. Can you make a higher score?

Escape from XP

Now that Windows XP has faded into nothingness, it was sort of expected for someone to make a game out of it. Escape from XP is an action arcade HTML5 game that celebrates the death of XP. The job of the players is to save the last developer, who is trapped in the tyranny of Clippy. Fight for survival and celebrate in style!

Out of the wealth of games built with web technologies that are available in the marketplace, it’s really not that tough to pick a favorite, or many two. The palette is vast, and some HTML5 games are without a doubt groundbreaking. Which of the ones we mentioned above would you like to try out first?

This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Parking Games 365!

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