Vivaldi Web Browser: A Complete Guide

Vivaldi is a new web browser in the market, from the former CEO of Opera. Vivaldi has the best in class features (I believe) that will increase it’s power users in coming days. The idea behind Vivaldi is very simple to create a faster browser that is capable of running on limited hardware and that was the same idea behind Opera. Vivaldi will surely change the way we browse in 2015 and onwards. Actually Vivaldi is created keeping the users feedback in mind. Vivaldi web browser has a powerful feature set which is not limited by the way. What makes Vivaldi unique is that it is built on modern Web technologies. The developers of Vivaldi used JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js, Browserify and a long list of NPM modules. “Vivaldi is the web built with the web” says Vivaldi.

Meet Vivaldi Web Browser:

Do let me know how was your experience with Vivaldi Web Browser in comments below.

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  1. i like this one ! and i hope this work will go better ! very responsive, nice UI, fast, easy to configure, well shortly a very good work ! i have dowloaded it to test and i can't wait to see more of it !

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