Web Design Trends that will rock in the year 2015

Well, the year 2014 is coming to an end, and web developers are now interested to know what the next year unfolds for them. One thing which is essential for all web designers and developers to know is the trends which will likely to be popular in the coming year. This piece of text is going to be extremely helpful for you as I provide information about some of the prospective trends of 2015. You will also like to know some of the SEO trends in the year 2014 and beyond. So let’s dig into the Web Design Trends that will rock in the year 2015. I appreciate your valuable comments below. Please feel free to share what you have in mind in the below comments section.

1. Responsive design

Web Design Trends that will rock in the year 2015

Counting responsive development in a trend is somewhat incorrect. Now, you can say it as a norm which is expected to be followed by all. So excel yourself in this type of designing before 2014 ends.

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2. Large, beautiful and impressive background images

Web Design Trends that will rock in the year 2015

These type of images have been very popular in 2014 and the use is expected to increase in the coming year. High quality and attractive background images will be used as they make a very powerful impact on the visitors.

3. Infographics

As a proverb goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, Infographics will be the new hot for 2015. Viewers are increasingly getting attracted towards graphics and Infographics provide an option to say a lot with minimal content. The web graphics are more appealing and therefore site owners will demand more for this kind of thing.

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4. Scrolling

The scrolling provides a very good option to improve the user-experience as clicking has always been a bit irritating. Parallax Scrolling animation will be the most impressive trend of 2015. The user-engagement improves by 70% if you use this animation feature. Google and Apple have already made use of this parallax scrolling to make their websites better.

5. Typography

Web Design Trends that will rock in the year 2015

If you go through a flashback, the websites which have impressive typography designs were the high budget ones. But now we can have typography kits at affordable prices. So it is much expected to see some amazing typography in small scale websites in the next year.

6. Flat design

Web Design Trends that will rock in the year 2015

The flat design is in full boom and there are no signs that designers would not use it in the next year. Every large organization is opting for this minimalistic, simple yet attractive design form. A website looks lean and clutter-free when we opt for a flat design.

7. Data Visualization

The time has come to ditch the static charts and bar graphs. In the upcoming year, you can expect some powerful and attractive data visualizations. The use of this visualization would not be limited to just display the data. Visitors would also be able to play and experiment with it.

8. Storytelling videos

In 2014, there was a trend of using background images in the websites. In the next year, you can expect to see some storytelling videos on the home page of many websites. These videos will explain the details about the brand and motto of the organization in a much attractive manner.

9. Animations

With the quality of the screen improving day by day and speed of the internet also becoming better, adding some animations can become a hot trend in 2015. A right piece of animation can help you to reach millions of prospective customers in a very short span of time, as such things become viral on the internet easily.

10. Unconventional messaging

In 2014, a number of websites opted for the unconventional way to messaging that was not simply layman, but it was more focused towards the targeted audience. Such content and images allow to easily establish a connection with the customers, so there are high chances designers would opt for it.

Therefore, the trends which were popular in 2014 are likely to continue in the next year. These elements collectively work towards improving the quality of the websites and the overall user-experience.

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Davin Russell is a marketing professional working with Nethues Technologies, a web design and development company offering outsourcing solutions to its clients in UK and USA. He has the leading spirit; he burgeons on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. He loves to read and write about latest web design trends and web technologies. Contributing on different blogs aids him spreading the words online with a new set of readers.

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