Improve your Web Development Skills in 10 stylish ways

With the growing age of technology there are uncountable techniques that you can use for working with your web designing skills. Web Designing is an art that everybody cannot do. It is rightly said that Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing your work and your designs will always make you more skilled and perfect with your ideas.
Development of simple websites often ranges from developing simple static websites to various complex websites. Being a fresher you always start from plain websites but as you grow up with your career, you start developing strong and complex websites. Web development generally indicates a number of things that includes a list of undertakings. It might cover web contents, web designs, web server, security, client side scripting, security configurations and lots more.

Well we have a list of Web development tips that will help you in improving your Web Designing skills. Learning these skills will make you robust in designing stylish and classy websites easily.

Improve your Web Development Skills in 10 stylish ways

1. Sketch Out What You Are Thinking

When you have started working on an idea, start sketching out what you have been thinking in your mind. Whatever you design, whatever you imagine about your project, make sure that you are sketching it simultaneously. This will help you in developing your skills in a better way and this will also help you in reminding your original idea when you will actually start designing your website. Always remember sketching makes a better planning.

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2. Always Design Keeping In Mind Your Potential Users

When you are designing, always keep a thought in your mind about your potential users. By keeping your potential audience in mind you are always on the right track and you know what all you have to do. You can also use some analytical tools for analyzing what your audience is looking for and what all they want. This will help you in becoming a good web developer and also it will help you in improving your skills.

3. Always Maintain A Separate Folder

This will be a real help in the hour of chaos. Generally what happens is you always forgot which image belongs to which page. So if you maintain a separate folder where you are keeping images enlisted with every page, will help you to manage during the time of uploading. This is actually a sign of a good web designer. A person who is able to manage his work well is always considered as a talented person in his field.

4. Don’t Show Your Laziness At Work

The world is improving with technical skills and so are the business persons. They are always ready with the latest updates and they ask their web designers to update their websites with the latest trends. So it is your duty that you should remain updated before your customers give you a call to get update with the latest technology. Don’t be lazy with your work and give your customers a reason to come back to you. Improving yourself is the major key of developing your skills.

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5.Be Clear With Your Navigational Paths

Keeping your navigation clear is important because if navigations are not clear, your visitors will get confused with your website and they won’t be able to access your websites completely. Some elements will remain hidden and your visitors won’t reach the point where they want to go. You need to identify the most required functionality in your website.

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6. Never Make Use Of “Turtle Net”

It is always irritating to experience slow loading pages. These slow loading pages are termed as “Turtle net”. This won’t ever help you because your website is taking too long to get downloaded and your visitors will move to some other website. Mostly websites are responsive these days because 98% people like to browse websites on their smart phones and this mobile audience is the one with zero patience level. Therefore your website needs to get load quickly.

7. Take Care For Naming Your Conventions

When you name a file always make sure that you are not making excess use of special characters. Avoid using spaces, single or double quotes, question marks, colons, or any other punctuation mark in your file. Your folder name, domain name or whatever you are naming should be free from these punctuation marks. You can use underscores or dashes if you want to name it differently. Always name your default pages as welcome.html or index.html.
In every folder of your primary web pages, always name your first page as welcome.html because this is the name of your file that is mechanically showcased when your folder name is also referenced in your URL.

8. Compatibility with Mobile Devices

When you are a part of this technological world you have to compete with it completely. These days mobile devices are playing the most important part in life of youths and in fact everybody. People are surrounded with a plethora of mobile apps around. Websites are turning responsive because nobody has time to visit websites on their large size devices. Hence, it has become important for you to design websites that are responsive and compatible with mobile devices in order to make them more popular.

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9. Never Ask your Visitors to Register First

Being a website designer means designing a useful and easy to access websites for your clients and their clients. When you are a developer it is confirmed that there will be no hackers that can ruin your website. You have to make sure that the website designed by you is secured and nobody can harm your website. Do not design websites that ask for registration first or for any passwords for browsing the websites. Keep your server passwords private and confidential always. It should be only for SEO users.

10. Always make a Backup

The first most duty of any web designer is to have a backup of their work because you never know when you PC will crash or any other mishappening will happen. It will become really annoying for you when you won’t be able to recover what all you have done till date. When your PC or laptop crashes, there is no surety that your webpage will be recovered unless you took responsibilities to back up your web pages. Always make a backup so that you are sure that your efforts will not go wasted.
Keeping these 10 amazing points will help you a lot in improving your web designing skills. When you want to become a perfectionist you need to practice a lot. These 10 tips will help you in practicing your work and will ultimately make you a perfect Web Designer.

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  1. First of all, its really helpful for all the website developers to put an eye on these above mentioned factors to be a successful developer in the respective field. I myself is working as a web developer and offer Web development services in India as well as abroad. But in all these above mentioned points, the most important point is that you must always make a backup of your website time to time. This will help you to get rid of any hacking activity onto your website.

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