Adobe releases version v1.0 of Brackets, an open source text editor for Web designers

Adobe has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open source text editor that is actually built for Web designers. Now Web designers can use version 1.0 of Brackets for coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For those who don’t know what exactly Brackets is, let me tell you in a simple language, Brackets is an open source code editor that do act as an Dreamweaver alternative “for basic purposes”. Brackets comes with focused visual tools and a preprocessor support You can directly download Brackets from their website without spending a single penny.

Now let’s talk about availability. Brackets is available for major operating systems such as Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac and Linux, this open source text editor is literally aimed at Web designers and developers, with focused features like Live Preview to easily switch between source code and browser view for quick edits, inline editors to work on particular bits of code without any pop-ups or additional tabs either, and preprocessor support baked in. By the way users can also download and use extensions to extend the functionality of this text editor and to help their workflow as well, such as Autoprefixer and Code folding.

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This latest release also includes a preview of Extract for Brackets, an extension that automatically pulls out design information from a PSD – such as colors, fonts, gradients, images and more ~ and generates clean CSS code.

Brackets is a lightweight and powerful text editor for modern Web designers. Brackets started three years ago as an open source text editor. Now they are all set to release their flagship version of an awesome open source text editor.

Visit Brackets to download the text editor, learn more about it and get it’s extensions all for Free.

Source: Brackets Blog

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