Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design for Your Website

With the increasing endorsement of tablets and smartphones, the digital marketing is also growing simultaneously and certainly the need of having a mobile friendly website is also growing. Along with an optimized website design for computer, the website should also be optimized for all handy devices. By optimized website, it means it needs to have such design that it gives a quick response to the users, does not distort the website design and it should adapt according to the size of the screen. Though there are two ways for a quick responsive website is either you optimized your website for different devices or make a single responsive design that supports every internet enabled device. Having a responsive design is advisable as it optimize the browsing experience and increase flexibility of the web pages.

Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design for Your Website

Here are 6 advantages of responsive web design:-

  1. Adjustable to any device:

    The main advantage of having a responsive design is their ability to adjust according to the requirement of the device and screen size. You don’t have to create different design for different devices. Based on the device screen size, your website will adjust, content will move, font sizes may vary, images would resize, the layout would alter and even the navigation will adjust to give an exceptional user experience no matter what device your visitors are using to view your website. One design will work for all.

  2. One design easier to manage:

    Maintaining multiple versions of your website might turn out to be difficult and costly. If you think of updating something, then you need to consider computer, mobile and tablet, and need to put triple effort even for making a simple change. With responsive design, you just have to make changes in one and it will run seamlessly on all the devices. Check out for best web design companies in Sydney which provides optimized responsive design for your website. In the long-term, it will save time and get you rid of headache with having to work with multiple designs.

    Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design for Your Website
  3. No need for separate SEO campaigns:

    Owner of the responsive website does not have to set up separate SEO campaigns for various devices. Having more than one website design needs different SEO tactics to get higher traffic by different mediums. You don’t have to set up a different URL structure for different devices. Also, it will help increase the visibility of your website with one single set of URL. You have to focus on only single URL structure rather than multiple. Obviously, updating and maintaining one URL structure is easier than many. It is difficult, time-consuming and costly task to carry out several SEO campaigns together.

  4. Improve user experience:

    People do not like to wait for a response. They need a quick response to their request in any situation. Though if it is on a computer or mobile device, people will leave your website if they find your website is taking more time to load and probably never come back. With responsive web design, if your pages load quickly, people will definitely look at your website and might visit again in the future.

    Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design for Your Website
  5. Increase sales and conversion:

    If you are selling some products or providing services, then you are probably going to convert more. Billions of people use mobile phones to access internet every day. Internet traffic from these devices has increased extremely over surfing internet from a computer. People need easy dealing with their mobile phones and tablets rather than using computer every time. Hence, more customers are likely to visit your website which ultimately results in more conversion.

  6. Easy access to contents of your website:

    Content prioritization can be done in a better way in single web design. Users can also go through the content in the mobile phones without scrolling forever.

To sum up, responsive design will always keep you ahead and allow you to higher your conversion rates and cut short your cost of making different designs.

Author Bio: Mike has been working as a web designer since last few years. In this post he is letting people know to check out for best web design companies in Sydney, which provides attractive, yet lite and responsive web design to grow your business.

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