Many of us think that nothing can scare us. But there are some most scariest & horrifying things that still horrify us. I think that everyone has a fear of some kind or something in their life. There are actually lots of websites and blogs in the massive ocean of Internet that do scare peoples for sure. And here are some examples of the most scariest & horrifying websites on the internet. These scariest websites may or may not horrify all of you, but some of you could just scream loudest. So BEWARE sit tight and make your heart strong, go ahead and visit the following scariest websites. By the way do let me know what do you think about this showcase? and also share what you think is the most scariest website below in comments.

Scariest & Horrifying Websites Showcase

Shock Till You Drop

A website that includes horror movies reviews, trailers and news. This website is developed by Crave Online Media.

The Cell
The Cell is that the story of a unfortunate person who wakes up with no recollection of who he’s or wherever he’s at. Instead, he continues receiving phone calls that tell him to urge out, with hints on a way to do therefore. The voice on the opposite end of the phone is what is going to very keep you up in the dead of night and have you ever afraid every time you answer your personal phone.
The Outbreak
You need to survive the outbreak. The Outbreak is an interactive horror movie related to zombies. The gameplay forces you to make choices, and it is these choices which can either save you or get you killed as you hop from one decision point to the next. The idea is similar to the many “choose your adventure” video games popular around us except this is a scare show. There are a total of ten places where you have to make your choice and about 21 scenes in all.
After you recover from watching the previously website outbreak, head over to Nails. It’s a great mix of horror, fun and entertainment all in one. You can spend a few minutes playing with the interactive characters; and also get some ideas on how to add interactive media to your own spooky webpage.Do share what else do you find in the website?
Horror Find
If you want to find horrifying things, head here. Horror Find says it is the first of its kind horror and Halloween search engine. It contains tons of listings centered on the dark world. It’s not going to scare you outright, but could be real handy for ideas when Halloween comes around. Do share what else do you find in the website?
Asylum cam features a scariest animation in their website’s header. Find it if you can, actually it’s simple to see that a ghost silhouette going from left to right. Do share what else do you find in the website?
Hashima Island
Awesome use of Google Maps in Hashima Island website. You must check out how scary this website looks. The website shows us a forgotten world.
Creepy Links 
This website actually has the list of creepiest and scariest websites.

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