The Best FREE Image Editing Tools for Small Businesses

In todays world of graphics design, there’s a persistent belief that free software tools can’t possibly compete with expensive proprietary programs. While Adobe and companies like it often perpetuate this myth, more and more people are waking up to the fact that free-ware tools can match and even exceed the performance of proprietary alternatives in some circumstances.So here’s our list of best free image editing tools for small businesses you can use right away for free. So go ahead and check these free photos and image editing tools and tell us what do you think about them in the comments below this article.

Best FREE Image Editing Tools

iPiccy is a first picture editing tool on the list. This free tool makes your photos/pictures and images awesome with many easy and useful tools. You can edit images, apply astonishing picture effects, add text and you can also paint with this tool.

Aviary is another free image editing tool that is unfortunately not available for Desktops. But you can enjoy editing photos on your android and iOS based smart phones.

GIMP is actually the great alternative for Adobe Photoshop for image editing purposes. This free Image Manipulation Program is a piece of software that does pretty awesome tasks such as image retouching, photo composition and picture authoring. This little free image editing tool works on many Operating Systems along with multiple language support.

The GIMP Plugin registry allows designers and authors to add extensions and tips related to The GIMP
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Fotor is an astonishing tool that is so useful for designers all over the world that they can use this free tool on any major platform. Fotor does almost everything you can imagine that a image editing software does.

Sumo Paint is basically an online image editing tool, that doesn’t require anything to install to your device. Sumo Paint is the most versatile photo editing and painting application/tool that works in a browser. You have an option to save images from your hard drive or you can save it to the cloud.

Pixlr is one of the best image editing tool that can add life to your pictures. But you must keep this in mind that this tool isn’t available for desktops. You can avail its benefits with your smartphone.

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If you wish you can check out this amazing set of Photography Software plus more tutorials.
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