How Modern Web Designing Techniques are Fuelling New Dimensions to E-commerce Websites?

Splashy, extravagance, and promising, these are the terms that have become the next big things in the world of eCommerce. In this uncertain world of the internet marketing, almost every online business owner wishes to give his website a buoyant mood, where garnering the customer’s attention becomes easy and revenue generation becomes an obvious process. While, the desire to move in tune with “what’s trending worldwide” is good, at times, business can face some serious issues if they don’t pay adequate attention to basic things of their website and that is its “design”.

The world of web designing is expanding unimaginably and it’s constantly evolving itself with so many opportunities and possibilities. The users of eCommerce are searching for the websites that are truly unique, interesting, and adds value to their money. By having simple UI and fast loading speed can give lot of potential to your website. Neither too glossy nor too dull- businesses should adopt for ideal combinations of designing patterns which go well with their brand and audience.

So, the best web designing techniques that can give your business an upper edge are discussed here in details:

1. Effective Image Sliders- How Much Does it Matter

Image sliders are lively scripts which make your website absolutely unique and pleasing to the eyes. Filled with eye-catching animated effects, the use of image slider will fill your customer with a feeling that he/she is browsing a modern website. To experiment with something more innovative, you can use big pictures and videos in the header. This trend is highly popular among web designers and online retailers now a days.

The pictures and videos can be either in the form of blurred or simple photo located at the background with a header text for added depth. The slider provides designers with the freedom to explore their creativity by producing something which is simple yet effective way to convey your brand to a wider audience.

2. Warm and Soothing Colors to Create a Visual Appeal

Colors which you choose for your website can tell a lot about your online store. It is important for both online firm and website designers understand that the type of colors they use on a particular website can have significant impact on the psychology of their customers. So, getting the ideal mix of different colors can mean a lot to differentiate between repeat and one-time visitors.

A few years back, we witnessed that most of the E-commerce websites were experimenting with white and black palate as they saw it as a depiction of strength and professionalism. But in 2014, the website trend has come to the cusp of another change. Using warmer colors against the backdrop of black/white has become much prevailing phenomena as they breathe life to boring and dull websites. For an online business, it’s important to understand the color psychology as it can be a tricky part of the design process; and if not done well, it can lead to discrepancies and failures.

3. Don’t Ignore the Importance of Adding Interesting Grids

Customers are embracing technology in every way and they expect businesses to give them maximum technical benefits in all facets of online shopping experience. Using grids in your layout has become a necessity as it works as a core differentiato for the companies to give them a competitive advantage. With popular CSS grids such as Bootstrap, Gridism etc., you can easily revamp the look of your website and make it attractive for the user.

But you want to be little bit innovative right? By experimenting with the grid concepts, you can make your website look contemporary, all you need is just to put your imagination. You can work on it until you are fully satisfied. While doing so, make sure you do not sacrifice user’s experience. Keep the things simple and subtle as much as you can. You are not here to puzzle your customer to navigate through the entire shop to search for the things. Keep things easy and original.

4. Flat Design

Yes you heard me’s flat design

Flat design is still a trend no matter how many eyebrows it has raised in the e-commerce world as some people might take it as dull and boring. The use of flat colors, buttons and a lot of space, these are the things that define a flat design.

A website based on this type of design looks trendy and professional at the same time. Creating a flat design based website is not at all a Herculean task. All you have to do is to find out the right combinations of patterns and color styles. Use simple CSS buttons without gradients and shadows and an optimum usage space. There is only thing that is of big consideration- are you ready to create a website that touches the boundaries of simplicity? If yes, then go ahead!


Using any of these modern web designing trends can make your website look absolutely trendy and pleasing. However, they do not guarantee how much success you’ll get but one thing that I can surely say is that they show to your customers how much serious you are for your business and at what extent you can go to experiment with your E-commerce platform.

Author Bio – Sarah Parker is a certified PSD to WordPress theme conversion expert who has a passion for sharing information about WordPress web design and development. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd.a renowned firm offering 100% hand-coded, W3C validated and cross-browser compatible markup conversion services.
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