5 easy-to-follow tips for designing exceptional government websites

Unlike corporate website designing, creating a government website can be a daunting and controversial task. Hence, it is vital to follow a user-centric web design approach that will make it simple for any citizen to use the government website for finding the information he/she is looking for. Whether it’s related to designing the site’s layout, the search functions or the visual appearance, you need to pay special heed to elements that can create controversy between citizens and governments. With that being said, I’m going to look at some of the time-tested tips for creating government websites. If you too are looking ahead to create a ministry-oriented website, here are 5 web design tips you wouldn’t want to miss. So, let’s gear up and go ahead with unveiling everything about these web design tips.

Web Design Tip No.1-Keep things simple

As compared to designing a personal/corporate website, creating a government website expects you to keep things as simple as possible. You need not opt for designing flashy banners, logos or using very bright colors, effects. Instead, you must assure to keep the design plain and easy-to-interpret. Yet another point that needs to be considered here is to limit the usage of tiny images within the banner as doing the same results in building a cluttered look for the entire website.

Web Design Tip No.2-Website’s navigation doesn’t have to mimic an organization chart

Often web designers have the tendency to create navigation structures that resemble an organization chart. This results into creation of several links that make website navigation a hard challenge. Hence, it is recommended to create a minimalist navigation structure that is easy for every visitor to follow.

Web Design Tip No.3- Use descriptive ALT Text for web page images

Although descriptive ALT tags work wonders for assuring 100% search engine indexing of a website, they do a lot more than this. By using descriptive ALT tags for images, you can conveniently improve the overall accessibility of your website via slow-running internet connections. Since government websites are being accessed by people residing in different parts of the world, you, as the web designer must ensure to use ALT text for all the images you intend to place on the web pages.

Web Design Tip No.4-Keep the color as “Blue”

While designing a government-oriented website, opt for keeping the color as blue or choose from multiple shades of blue. Why blue? You must be wondering. Well, the reason for this is that blue is a color that evokes technology and patriotism. Since a government website needs to evoke a sense of seriousness, choosing blue will definitely act as magic. However, its always worth spending some time in exploring other colors, fonts, textures and icons that turn to be useful for creating a unique identity for a government organization.

Web Design Tip No.5-Create an actionable, user centric online strategy

In order to come up with an out-of-the-box government website, it is essential to know who the website users are and what the site owner plans to convey via the web portal. You need to remember the fact that when you design for everyone, you’re actually designing for no one. Prior to proceeding ahead with website designing process, make sure to conduct a basic research as an attempt to understand the mindset of target audience. You need to gather a complete insight on what all the visitors will be looking for after reaching the portal. Pay attention to maintaining complete transparency in the site’s design. Don’t forget to provide an easy-to-access and user friendly search functionality. This will turn to be one of the major upsides of the website design and make it simple for the the site visitors to find results in a well-organized and chronological order.

Wrapping Up

Now, you’ve them all, the 5 best tips on designing an eye-catchy, functionally rich government website. By following all these aforementioned tips seriously, flawless government website designing won’t remain a hard-to-crack task for you. So, no matter what type of government website you’ve been asked to create, these helpful tips would help you create a final product that is both commendable and user-centered.

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  1. I've seen a lot of tips on color scheme. I remember when websites first came out. It was all about flashy colors, overwhelming the user. Now, with the availability of mobile phones, it's imperative to keep the websites looking sleek yet simple and easy on the eyes. Thanks for sharing the tip about the blue!

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