Times change and so do the ways in which people seek information. In the past decade, the internet has swept apart every other avenue of gaining information. With websites ruling the roost, content on the web is a most sought after aspect. This makes it imperative that the websites are full of information and content that is genuine and useful. It is a fact that a bright and colorful website attract users initially; however, later on, people judge these websites in terms of their effectiveness and informative content.
All this makes it mandatory that website design services develop sites that are able to provide informative content along with being able to retain reader attention.
This means that developers have to design websites that are friendly to use and also visually appealing. Flash websites are considered as the most appealing of the lot; however, the talks about these being not search engine friendly provoke businesses and individual businessmen to stay away from flash.

Does this mean that flash website design is nearing its end? Well, the answer is a big no. Let us view some aspects that can explain that flash designing is still in vogue and you can be rest assured that even search engines will not neglect such websites.

Expressive websites

The foremost usefulness of a flash website is the expressive and interactive nature of sites designed using the technology. The various interactive channels that you can use for attracting visitors are videos, games and feedback forms to name a few. The website will definitely attract viewers visually and increase their interest to know more. This may also lead them to visit your site frequently.

Browser compatibility

This is a benefit that every developer longs for. Flash does not have any issues in terms of compatibility for cross browsers. You will not need to think about the HTML codes being understood differently by browsers. This also means that all the features you incorporate while development will be viewed similarly on all browsers. This will only be an issue if some browsers specify about having latest version of Flash Player.

Search engine acceptability

People were often worried about search engines not accepting flash websites due to their robots being unable to crawl such sites as mentioned earlier. However, due to various advancements and changes in Google algorithms, this is not an issue anymore. Websites designed using flash are appearing in rankings.
In conclusion, we can say that flash is still very much in. The kind of interactivity and attractiveness provided by flash websites is unmatchable. The creativeness that the developers can use while designing the site navigation can entertain visitors and make them visit the site regularly. Further, the enhancements in the technology have also made it possible to load such websites faster than before. The vibrancy and liveliness of flash websites provides much needed creative satisfaction to designers and visual appeal to visitors. So whoever has said that flash is no more useful, they need to do some research and think over their view again.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your comment.
    Yeah you are right but Flash is actually dead because it increases the page load time and hence decreases the visitors. As well JQuery has completely replaced Flash, because of its so many advantages.

  2. You wrote an entire page on how flash can still be useful and then 'ya, didn't know what i'm talking about…flash is dead'
    that's weird…

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