Project Marketing: Making Your Site Trending Online

In today’s competitive eCommerce industry, every retail business is thriving to develop their own platform to keep their current and future patrons glued. This was a quick follow-up after a 2012 Digital Index survey concluding that 89% of consumers browse a retailer’s official website before making a purchase.
While eCommerce is predicted to be the future of sales, an unattractive website can quickly put your storefront at an early demise.
So, what makes a website tick? Below are some tips and tricks to make your website trending online.

Project Marketing: Making Your Site Trending Online

Leverage Google AdWords

The secret of a trending website expands beyond layout designs and intuitive multimedia graphics. Last January 23, Wise Marketing tweeted Marketing Donut’s introductory guide into using Google AdWords, stressing the importance of the tool in putting your page on top of all searches by using keywords.

To use Google AdWords, you can create a simple advertisement, bundled with phrases and keywords associated with your business. When a potential customer searches for these keywords, your ad will be displayed in the top searches, together with the link to your website. Aside from the heading, website URL, and engaging content, try to include a compelling call to action at the end of your ad.

Creativity: Scale and flow

Creativity is the key. Without going overboard, today’s eCommerce websites are breaking away from the traditional layout templates and designs. You should keep everything at a minimum, especially on the scale and flow of your products.

In scaling your products, you can create a hierarchy of information from the most to the least important. When you’re using a stark white layout, you can rearrange the position of your products to create contrast. We’ll use C Wonder’s bracelet page as an example. The layout shows the uniformity of the bracelets, giving buyers an idea of their actual sizes. When you point on a bangle, the background and font change, presenting you of the actual look of the product.

Customer-centric content: Offer solution

In selecting your website content, remember that customers are after one thing – information. These may take form in several aspects such as the latest trends, product services, and how to make a purchase.

Within 10 seconds of opening your website, you must be able to communicate if you’re a real estate agent, a cleaning service, or a hair salon. Try to sell your services by offering them as solutions to their hair dilemmas or house hunting. Consider the example below to know the difference between a feature-type and a solution-based message:

· Feature-type

“For 35 years now, our company has been giving free webinars and counselling to those dealing with time management issues.”

· Solution-based

“Are you wasting more time than you should? Learn some of our proven time management techniques to increase your productivity rate by 23%.”

Simplicity is your best weapon

Instead of those complicated animations, having a single code allows your patrons to focus on your product line. Learn the art of weaving your customer-centric content into special effects that will highlight them. When incorporating transitions, a zoom feature wouldn’t hurt.

Meanwhile, you can resort to hiring web builders if you’re not familiar with these codes. On their to-do list, indicate that they need to have your website hosted on a reliable server, as you can immediately lose money when your page goes down. Also, consider other factors such as database management and application reselling and hosting.

Go mobile

Have you considered going mobile? In a previous post, Akshay Joshi enumerated several reasons how a mobile-optimized website benefits your business. Aside from adopting your page into the mobile settings, you can also develop your own mobile app to increase user interest and sales. Remember to keep everything consistent. When going mobile, make sure that it matches the same level of integrity of your desktop version. Don’t go for a new look, especially if your layout plays a huge part of your brand.

Whether you have the technical skills or not, the secret here is to be creative while offering the same great service to your clientele. After all, being of service is the core reason for establishing a business.

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