5 Things you dont know about the internet

The internet has become a huge part of our life. Our entire culture today is defined by the internet which also became the main way to communicate. We trust all of our personal information with the internet, we tell the internet who we are and what are we about but what do we really know about the internet?
On this post I will show you some things which you might not have known about the internet. It is a great chance to learn something about what already knows everything.

1)Why do we write “www” on the web browser?

‘www’ is a short for “Word Wide Web” Believe it or not, once the internet was no open for everyone, only handful of internet users around the globe, that’s until private companies started to develop the internet to what it is today, a huge open source program which defines our lives today.

Just like you navigate in your computer’s files, you navigate though out the web. When you look up at a folder address you might see something like this:

c://program files (x86)/steam/assassin’s creed

The browser understands that it should search in hard drive C inside the folder Program Files and from there to steam and to the game. It goes the same with the web browser. The “www” tells it to go to the world-wide web instead of the user’s computer. every / indicates a new folder in the server

2)The internet used to belong to the army

The internet was really developed by the US government back in the 1960s. It was first used to communicate with France and the United Kingdoms. The internet started to take speed in the 1980s the military wanted to communicate between its own computer. Afterwards it was developed by private companies which the placed the goal in their minds, making the internet accessable to everyone.

3)”lo” changed the world:

Yes you are reading correctly, just like today one of the main (and only) features of the internet back then was sending messages.

What is the difference between now and today?

Back then the internet was much, much (much) slower and it was crashing all the time. This is why the first message, sent from Chicago to New York City which passed though the web carried the letters “lo” which should have been “login” but the internet crashed before the rest of letters could pass.

It really can give us perspective when we are yelling at YouTube when it starts buffering once in a while.

4)The internet is murdering newspapers:

We all have heard that the printed newspapers are slowly dying. The main reason is the internet. The internet offers free and instead access to information, people relate to media. Videos and images really make in no brainer. Getting news from the internet is much better! Plus, the internet is much cleaner and hurt the enviroment less! no need of cutting down trees, using ink and waste gas on the transfer. The newspaper doesn’t has a chance to win this battle!

5)Search engines rule!: 

The search engines really changed our life, we are looking at them as a door to infinite source of information and freedom. The very first search engine was called “Archie” and was created in the 1980s. Search engines changed a lot since then, today with one quick stop in google’s home page you could stock your entire internet supply in less than 10 minutes. Email, news, information, social media, maps and much more!

There is no doubt that the world will never be the same after the internet, for better and worse it changed our life upside down. This days the internet is much more than a mean for an end. People are using it to gain freedom and knowledge like never before. Simple guy can become millionaire almost over night. A simple girl can start a revolution which will be in our children’s history books. The internet is a powerful tool which anyone can use to do pretty much everything, and now you know much more about it.

Thanks for reading “5 things you don’t know about the internet” Let me know in the comments if there are any other things which we should know about the internet!

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