5 Popular Apps for iPhone and iPad You Must Have

If you’re a new user of a high-end smartphone like an iPhone or a tablet like iPad, chances are you’ll find yourself lost in the maze of millions of apps once you dive into Apple’s App Store. To help you with the selection part, I have hand-picked the 5 best and the most popular apps for iPhone and iPad. Are you the proud owner of a brand new iPad or an iPhone? If you say “yes” then prepare to take your lifestyle to a different height altogether. Let me introduce you to a bevy of highly sophisticated mobile applications specially built for users who are new to the iOS platform.
Do you know that as of June 2013, there were about 900,000 apps available for download on Apple’s App Store for iPad and iPhone users? Certainly, this figure has nearly doubled by now!
So we can imagine how difficult it is for first-time users, to search for and find the apps that are most suitable to fulfil their multifarious needs. For your convenience I have segregated the best apps from among hundreds of potential contenders to help you with the selection part. Read on to know about the 5 handy and popular apps for iPhone and iPad.

1) Evernote – 

Ever felt tired of scanning through your long list of bookmarks to find what you need at the nick of time? Cheer up; things are going to change for better once you have Evernote app installed on your iPad or iPhone! Evernote is your 24/7 repository for quotes, images, stats, ideas and much more that you have collected online. You can simply drag and drop your favorite page links, video links, texts and images on the app and keep these organized under several ‘notes’ for easy access. Evernote syncs seamlessly between your PC or Mac, laptop, iPhone and iPad, so that you will always have access to your saved ‘notes’ while you’re away from your desk or even on the move!

2) The Guardian Eyewitness – 

Are you a shutterbug? Can’t stay away from looking into visually stunning photographs? Or, you wish to follow your favorite Photographer’s work from wherever you may be? The Guardian Eyewitness is what you need! It’s an iPad-only app (as of now) which feeds your tablet with a daily dose of the most breathtaking works of photography from across the world. Once you get this app downloaded on your smart gadget, you will have a rolling access to Guardian’s 100+ photo digest every day from across hemispheres, clicked by the best lens-men.

3) iBooks – 

Often called a ‘bookworm’s paradise’, Apple’s very own creation iBooks throws a direct competition to Kindle. iBooks was an instant hit among eBook lovers the world over, once this free app for iPhone and iPad was listed on to the iTunes App Store. As an iBooks user you will have all the freedom in the world to select from its ever-expanding collection of the most popular works of e-literature available online. From works of popular fiction to works of Man Booker winners and Nobel laureates, you will have the world of books within your palm. Want to take notes from any section of the eBook that you’re reading currently? iBooks app makes it possible! You can use AirPrint enabled wireless printers to print PDFs and notes that you have made using the iBooks app directly from your iPad or iPhone.

4) Movies by Flixter – 

Movie buffs have more reasons to smile with popular apps for iPhone and iPad on their smart gadgets. As an add-on feature, this mobile application comes with Rotten Tomatoes – the numero uno site for movie review on the web, which simply means that you’ll be able to get in-depth reviews of the latest Hollywood flicks right from your smartphone and tablet.

5) Epicurious – 

Gastronomes here’s one app for iPhone and iPad that you simply couldn’t do without. Introducing Epicurious the #1 app for recipes, served from across the continents, at your fingertips! No need to run to the attic to search for your old recipe book; just grab your iPhone or IPad, gently tap and open Epicurious app dashboard, type in the name of the dish and voila the recipe opens on the screen of your smart gadget. What’s more, you can save your favorite recipes and share your own recipes with your online buddies via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Once you have these 5 popular apps for iPhone and iPad on your smartphone or tablet, you can be sure of one thing, there will always be excitement in your life and you won’t face boredom ever again!

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