Great Folks Were Also Young - Illustrations
You might not know that how these Great folks like Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Edison, Pablo Picasso etc.. looked when they were young. So here’s the Illustrations of nine of the Great Folks during their Childhood, that was recently published on Behance by Fernando VicenteThese Illustrations [drawings] of Great Folks looks so cute that I really felt to share with you guys. 

Mahatma Gandhi young

Great Folks Were Also Young - Illustrations

Pablo Picasso young

Pablo Picasso

John Lennon young

John Lennon

Julio Verne Young

Julio Verne

Einstein young


Edison young


Anne Frank young

Anne Frank

Jane Austen young

Jane Austen

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart young

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Hope you got inspired enough that you can sketch, illustrate and draw some Great Folk. I would suggest you to illustrate these portraits yourself on the paper. If you have illustrated any Great Folks yourself then comment below and share with us. Thank you for checking out these Great Folks Childhood Illustrations. Hope you will try something yourself after looking at this drawings.

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