7 Things Web Designers Should Remember in Choosing Website Hosting for Their Client
As a designer, one task that is usually given to you is to find the right hosting company and plan for your clients. Making the wrong decision could end up giving them a very horrible experience with their site, lowering their overall impression about how reliable your skills and services are. This might lead them to other webmasters

for their projects in the future and could also hurt your reputation if they decide to write a review about the bad experience. So, to ensure that something as simple as a hosting provider doesn’t ruin your client’s loyalty, let’s review 7 things you should always look into before setting up the hosting plan.

Understand the Potential Traffic of the Site

When you are looking for the right hosting company, understanding how much trafficis expected can give you a better idea of what kind of plans, servers, and other aspects of hosting will be needed. Until you are aware of the traffic, you never know exactly which plan will be the best to host the newly designed site. If you are unaware of any details, you can usually get all the information from the client. If they plan to market, they probably already have marketingcampaigns ready to go, so you will be able to get an approximate amount of traffic those campaigns might be able to bring in.

Ensure Superior Support

If your client was tech savvy, they probably wouldn’t have you choosing their hosting company. So it is safe to assume that they might need some type of technical support in the future. Whether it is just to make some changes or if they run into a situation where their whole website goes down, the support team should be able to help within 24-48 hours. Some companies will let their clients go days without responding or bringing their servers back up, so ensure that the company you choose for your client can assist anytime of the day. Get a List of Extra Features Your Client WantsEvery hosting company has different plans that all come with different features and benefits. It is important to have a list of everything they would want to choose the right plan. Some example of some benefits are free email, dedicatedIP addresses, toll free numbers, and plenty more. The last thing you want is to choose a plan, only to have the client change it because you forgot to get one that included all of the key features they were looking for.

Keep to Reputable Companies

A marketing tactic that smaller or new hosting companies use is to contact designers so that when the designer has a client that needs hosting, they go to the new company. This should usually be avoided because smaller hosting companies tend to be much less quality. They might not have enough servers, making their servers overloaded. They are usually slow with support. They can just give an overall bad experience to your client, so you should always try and picka company that is reputable and reliable.

Choosing the Right Plan

So now you have most of the information you need for your client, so which plan should you choose? All of these aspects should be a factor in which plan you actually sign them up for. Usually, a good rule is to sign them up for a plan that is a little more than they need, so just incase they see high amounts of unexpected traffic or need a benefit they didn’t think they needed, it isn’t a problem. You just have to make sure they are willing to pay the monthly fee for that plan.

Dedicated Servers

Another thing to consider is offering them a dedicated server. If they are willing to spend a lot of money designing their site, they might not mind spending a little more for a dedicated server. They will get fasterload times, more control, less security risks, and will have a less chance of the server going down.

Shop Around

And lastly, always shop around for the best value. You can usually find multiple companies that have the same plans but with different prices. So try and combine the best quality service for the cheapest prices. If you can save your client a little money, they will be grateful. 

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