The next generation of Google Maps is here for the world. Google, The Huge Search Engine, revealed the New look of Google Maps to the World. After exploring the Google Maps I will really recommend my readers to explore the Google Maps once because the new Google Maps is really impressive. Google is really running fast towards the more innovation and to make their products user friendly as well as powerful. Google redesigned the Google Maps from the ground-up. Google has improved lots of feature in this next generation of Google Maps which is really impressive. Below I am going to Introduce you about some of the new looking and updated features of Google Maps.

Ok lets start with the intro video of Google Maps.

Now you can discover more with every click

The whole map now gets interactive. You can click anywhere to focus the map on the particular location and now Google Maps also shows you some helpful things like best ways to reach somewhere and related places.

The Earth View is now easier

The things you cherish concerning the Google Earth are now integrated directly into map, so you can begin to see the globe without a plug-in*. Or possibly a passport.
For More Information and to Explore more about Google Maps visit here

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