How to Drive Trust on Your e-Commerce Brand
Whether it’s an offline or online business you must generate leads or sales from your business, if your business is failing at this point then it’s sure that you are facing a serious issue which you should take care immediately. E commerce business is not like an ordinary blog it should make profit otherwise you should check out the things from the basic in which you are lagging. If it is an offline business customer money dealing is with real faces but shopping online is something entirely different. People pay money with their credit or debit cards which are at high risk of hacking in these days.
Whether you deliver a quality product or not, the first things user will see in your eCommerce website is “trust”. The trust you give to your users for a safe online shopping. But, how to make visitors to trust your website? How to increase the trust factor of your brand? There are number of ways to do, it’s not that hard.

Design Speaks

 How to Drive Trust on Your e-Commerce Brand

A well designed site will always create first and best impression among readers. This doesn’t mean that you should pay thousands of dollars to a web designer to do design job of your site. A good design should have a proper product showcase, good logo, easy navigation, safe checkout option along with minimal design. Keep these things in mind before creating an eCommerce site. A poorly designed website is surely a disastrous for generating trust.

Testimonials & Reviews

How to Drive Trust on Your e-Commerce Brand

The second thing a user expects from an eCommerce site is the review about the site or product. For example, when a user visit a site with no idea about it, when he sees any testimonial or reviews of real users it will increase the trust factor of the site and convince the user to make a purchase.
Don’t manufacture fake testimonials as the users now are very brilliant, they will cross-check the names in social sites so collect positive feedback from your customers. In recent days many people are looking for video testimonials so don’t forget to include a video testimonial in your blog.

Include Badges

How to Drive Trust on Your e-Commerce Brand
Inclusion of these badges will surely make a big difference in the level of trust that your visitor have about your brand. These things are very common in eCommerce site as you can see a set of badges displayed in footer region. The badges include Visa, master card, maestro card, verified by visa, American express, PayPal, and Citibank etc. These are names of the popular credit card providers and e-Payment companies through which the user will make transaction online. Inclusion of their logos in your site will make your visitors feel comfortable in entering credit card details online. If you run an eCommerce business then make sure you include these badges in footer area or at least in payment processing page.
Other things to consider,
1. If it is possible, have a return policy or “money back guarantee” for the user this will definitely convince the users to make purchase.
2.  Add a 24/7 customer service by including a separate “contact us” page or Toll free number. This will enable the users to contact the brand if any problem exists with the site.
If you are lagging in any of those factor then try to add them immediately. If you already have all these… Great! Now look for the ways to optimize your brand according to the feedback collected from users.

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