The Web Goes Mobile - Infographics

The Web Goes Mobile - Infographics @ Web Designer Pad
Remember those days when we needed a bulky PC desktop just to access the web? It seemed a distant fantasy that someday we could pull a device out of our pocket and have a world of information at our fingertips. But that time is now. Already many regions around the world including, Australia, Asia, Europe and North America have experience high penetration rates of mobile technology.
In fact, today you will find that 15% of internet users in these regions actually prefer viewing online content using a mobile device. The recent tablet revolution has clearly accelerated the growth trend in mobile devices. Another study has found that users much prefer viewing mobile optimized websites on these devices. Certainly an enhanced mobile experience by using a so called responsive website, is going to result in higher conversion rates. Any business that doesn't adapt to this growing mobile trend is certainly going to be left out in the cold.
The Web Goes Mobile - Infographics

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  1. Mobile is not only the present but its also a future. And that's why every business website should be responsive.