Once you’ve decided to improve your online presence for personal or business purposes, you need explore the web hosting offers available and choose a provider that suits your needs best. If you’ve previously used a web hosting service and you weren’t satisfied with what you were getting, this decision may be slightly less difficult for you. Novice users who aren’t sure what is it exactly that they want from a provider should definitively start contemplating the following 5 providers. Considering the options they offer, it’s not likely you’d regret choosing either of these.

Top 5 Web Hosting Providers

This is one of the most popular hosting companies for businesses of all sizes. Dreamhost is used by millions of individuals and companies worldwide and is frequently regarded as the most reliable web hosting provider. It constantly upgrades its servers to provide excellent performance and offers plenty of features. Dreamhost has both standard and shared plans, which may be too expensive for those who need only the basic features. The prices start at $8.95 a month, with the possibility of upgrading to a better plan at any point. If you’re looking for a powerful provider and a feature-rich service, Dreamhost can be an excellent solution for you.

This is another important name in the world of web hosting and is frequently compared to the previously described Dreamhost. These two services share a lot of features, but Hostgator distinguishes in that it provides cPanel support, which its big plus in comparison to Dreamhost. Besides this, Hostgator offers even better pricing plans – you can choose one of the customized plans, with an option to start at $3.96 a month and get unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

GoDaddy doesn’t offer particularly complex and powerful features, but is still a favorite choice of many users worldwide. GoDaddy insists on delivering tools that help you get your website up and running in a short time. Its pricing plans start at $4.99 a month, which is fair enough. Still, GoDaddy’s servers had some major outages and the company management is a frequent source of negative criticisms for unethical practices, which contributes to its bad reputation.

JustHost was previously known as Super Green Hosting and it offers reliable servers with excellent tech support. Probably the most appealing feature is the fact that JustHost now offers free domain for life with every new account. Apart from this, it is extremely simple to use, especially to WP beginner users, to whom it offers special deals. One of the major disadvantages of this service is the fact that it provides only Linux hosting, not Windows.

Web Hosting Hub

This is one of the most popular choices of small-to-medium-sized business who seek to improve their online presence at a low price. If you’re a novice in the world of web hosting, this service offers special discounts for WordPress beginners and shares much of its simplicity and integration. Its control panel is easy to use and makes website building a no-brainer. With this service, you can smoothly transfer your data form a WP blog at an affordable price.

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