5 Major Areas of Web Design
Web design is the process of planning and production of a website, inducing, but not limited to visual design, technical development, information structure and network delivery. The process of web design includes 5 Major Areas which are Content, Visuals, Technology, Delivery, Purpose. Without these five important aspects, web design would not be completed. So in this article we will cover every topic from the above five very briefly and then explain that thoroughly, sit back tight, get ready with all your focus on the article and read along. Please do ask any questions (if you have one) below in the comment section, or if you have any tips or suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch with Web Designer Pad.
Following are the brief description about these 5 Major Areas of Web Design.

1. Content

5 Major Areas of Web Design

Contents are the only the reason why people will think to or come to your website.Contents are the primary building block of each and every website on the Internet. Content ranges from a simple/plain text to a complex text. Contents must be well organized, presented and structured using mark-up language like HTML.
2. Visuals

Visuals | 5 Major Areas of Web Design

Visuals are most crucial part in a website because they are useful to attract more visitors. The visuals normally means, the screen layout used in a website, which are generally created using CSS, HTML and Flash. Visuals may include graphics or images for decorations. Without visuals or graphic design, I’ll say that a website will look like a building under construction. Visuals plays vital role in the process of web design. Visuals act as an interpreter between the users and the backend technology like PHP or ASP.
3. Technology

Technology | 5 Major Areas of Web Design

The technology implementations are as significant as visuals and content, to provide dynamicity for the website. The technology like JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, HTML, Java applets, PHP and ASP falls under the technology category. Now-a-days the technologies are developing very fast and a great example is HTML5. I believe that the more powerful technology you use in a website tends to a more secured as well as full of performance website.
4. Delivery 

Delivery | 5 Major Areas of Web Design

Delivery of the website is a very serious matter for all the website owners as well as the web developers and designers. If a website fails to load all of its contents in time, the user will close the tab immediately or it would be irritating for some users. The speeds of the website and reliability criterion are important too. The website must load in minimum time.
5. Purpose

Purpose | 5 Major Areas of Web Design

“Purpose is the starting point of the web design process”. This means that without any purpose why anyone will make website. Every website has some purpose and thus it must be designed with a particular purpose. The website may vary according to its type, but the main purpose should be the usefulness.
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